Join the Blue Squadron

See the Prizes for X-Wing™ 2018 Season Three Organized Play


“Red and Gold squadron, attack formations. Defend the fleet. Blue squadron, get to the surface before they close that gate.”
     –Admiral Raddus, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Upgrade your shields, take evasive maneuvers, and fly with Blue squadron—a whole new series of thrilling dogfights awaits you with the third season of 2018 X-Wing™ Organized Play!

This is a season of massive changes. In September, we'll see the release of X-Wing Second Edition, and in October, we'll revel in the new edition at its first major competitive event, the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. The introduction of second edition also means the conclusion of Organized Play support for first edition. To that end, the 2018 Season Three Tournament Kit is the last to offer first edition prizes—even as it simultaneously offers second edition versions of the same prizes.

First edition or second edition, the prizes from X-Wing 2018 Season Three Organized Play have got you covered, so strap on your flight suits, scramble your fighters, and fly to battle. With all the buzz surrounding second edition and just a little bit of time left to explore all the possible first edition squads, there's never been a better time to enjoy the galaxy's greatest battles!

Fly to Battle Before the Gate Is Closed

There's only a short time to enjoy the last of your first edition Organized Play battles before the transition to second edition, so use it to the best of your advantage!

Perhaps you'll want to experiment with your latest Resistance or First Order squadrons before their ships and pilots go on temporary hiatus until they reemerge as distinct factions in second edition. Perhaps you'll want to practice arc-dodging ahead of the transition to the second edition's heavily reinforced emphasis on maneuvering and firing arcs. Perhaps you'll want to dedicate as much table time as possible to your favorite first edition pilots and upgrades.

However you approach your final Organized Play events for first edition, you'll want to be sure to have fun with them, and you'll be able to add to your enjoyment with the new prizes you can win during Season Three.

The X-Wing 2018 Season Three Tournament Kit features seventeen Core Prize Cards, three Elite Prize Cards, and two Elite Prize Sets to reward you and the other members of your local X-Wing community for your participation—both in your final first edition battles and in the earliest of the second edition battles that follow!

One copy each of the Core Prize Cards and Elite Prize Cards are intended for the event organizer—to keep or distribute at their discretion—but the rest are meant as prize support for your local Stay on Target Tournament or X-Wing league. And it's up to your organizer to decide whether yours will be an event for the game's first or second edition!

Core Prize Card

Ready your squad for future victories with the double-sided, extended-art Shield Upgrade card available to the Top 16 participants of your Stay on Target Tournament or X-Wing league. With the ugprade's first edition text on one side and its second edition ability on the other, this Core Prize Card is a valuable addition to your squadron no matter the edition!

Elite Prize Card

Whether you're looking to the future or trying to race your Blue squadron through the shield gate before first edition support comes to a close, you'll find the double-sided, extended-art Blue Squadron Pilot card to be a valuable addition to your collection.

Like the Shield Upgrade Core Prize Card, this Elite Prize Card features the B-wing's first edition version on one side and its second edition version on the other.

Elite Prize Set

To claim one of the Season Three Elite Prize Cards you need to place among the Top 4 at your Stay on Target Tournament or in your X-Wing league. However, if you place among the Top 4, you might not even opt for the Blue Squadron Pilot Elite Prize Card; you might want to claim an Elite Prize Set of five arcade-style evade tokens.

Importantly, even though these tokens are metallic and not actually colored green, they count as "green" tokens in second edition, just like all your other evade tokens, and you can still use them in Organized Play events even after the transition to second edition.

Stay on Target, Wave Leader

Whether you want to enjoy the current edition as long as you can or you're hoping to usher in the new edition as early as possible—or both—the prizes in the 2018 Season Three Tournament Kit offer you plenty of reason to participate in X-Wing Organized Play.

But as we said earlier, this is a season of massive changes, and even the seasonal Tournament Kit is soon destined for change. The 2018 Season Three Tournament Kit is the last of its kind, and we'll release a new style of kit for future seasons of X-Wing Organized Play, along with the additional support provided by the Deluxe Wave Kits meant to celebrate the arrival of each new wave of X-Wing starfighter expansions.

We'll share more details about the first of these newer kits in the weeks and months to come, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, put on your flight helmet, check your systems, and talk to your local retailer about how you get involved with X-Wing 2018 Season Three Organized Play. You are cleared for launch!

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