20 August 2018 | Star Wars: Legion

Get More from Your Troops

Decorate Your Troops with the Star Wars™: Legion 2018 Season Three Ground Assault Prizes

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“Imperial troops have entered the base. Imperial troops have entered…”
     –Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars™: Legion is your gateway to the greatest ground battles in the Star Wars gaming galaxy!

With its detailed miniatures and highly intuitive mechanics, Star Wars: Legion brings your battles to life so vividly you can almost hear the blaster fire and smell the ionized air. And while your troops will want to take cover anytime they hear an AT-ST thudding along the ground or a T-47 Airspeeder roaring overhead, the game's focus on its infantry ensures that your troops will always take center stage.

You need to build infantry into your army to make it legal. You need soldiers to pursue your objectives. And your soldiers are often the ones who most closely tie you to the action. Surrounded by towering war machines and commanded by powerful Force users, these soldiers represent you and me—if we were somehow dropped onto a Star Wars battlefield. They remind us how deadly the combats of Star Wars: Legion can be. They remind us how even a grunt soldier can become a hero and snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat.

Accordingly, we should treat them well. We already want to assign them the best possible commands each round. If we can't keep them all alive, we at least want their sacrifices to prove meaningful. Our soldiers should all know that their efforts made a difference and helped turn the Galactic Civil War in their favor.

Finally, we should honor them with the new extended art unit cards coming in the third season of Organized Play… and that means getting involved!

Coordinate Your Attack

Your games at your favorite local game store are the beating heart of Star Wars: Legion Organized Play. The program exists to help you find more players, enjoy more games, and experience more of all that Star Wars: Legion has to offer. To that end, you'll find each new season of Organized Play accompanied by the release of three new Operations, each of which allows you to enjoy a slightly different take on the game's hard-hitting battles.

Each month, you play a new Operation, and your event organizer will inform you whether you'll be playing its different stages as part of a weekly league, as part of a big one-day event, or with a single "rival" with whom you'll coordinate your games. No matter how you play through the Operation, though, you can earn prizes for your participation.

These prizes are distributed a little bit differently, depending on the type of event your organizer chooses to run, but you earn one Core Prize card at the end of your first game and an Elite Prize token after you complete three games. Each of the Core Prize cards is also available as a Patronage Card that your retailer can offer when you make a Star Wars: Legion purchase (while supplies last). You'll have a chance to win an additional Elite Prize, too, and the more you play, paint your army, and pursue the goals outlined in your Operations, the better your chance will be. Finally, each Ground Assault Kit comes with three Painting Awards to support monthly Painting Contests.

In the 2018 Season Three Ground Assault Kit, you'll find the following Core Prizes, Elite Prizes, and Painting Awards:

  • Core Prizes: AT-RT, double-sided Fleet Troopers / Snowtroopers, E-Web Heavy Blaster Team
  • Elite Prizes: Ion token, Panic token, Standby token
  • Painting Awards: Best Painted Corps, Best Painted Commander, Best Painted Special Forces

Notably, all of the Core Prize cards in this Ground Assault Kit are double-sided and feature full-bleed extended art. As you would expect, the Fleet Troopers / Snowtroopers card presents all the necessary information for the Fleet Troopers on one side and for the Snowtroopers on the other. The AT-RT and E-Web Heavy Blaster Team cards, however, simply pair the unit card information with a bold and uninterrupted look at the unit's art piece on the reverse side—an image worthy of the sacrifices made by any of these units destroyed in battle.

Continue Your Battles Across the Galaxy

Prizes are great, but the true highlight of the 2018 Season Three Ground Assault Kit is the introduction of three new Operations for you to enjoy with your local community!

  • Operation: Superior Position is an Ambush Operation that supplements your starting army of 300 points with a pool of Incoming Reserves that may be deployed later in the game in increments of 100, 200, or 300 points. You’ll need to seize control of the game’s objective tokens in order to bring these forces into play, so you can expect these tokens to be fiercely contested!
  • Operation: Deep Jungle carries you through a series of four Raids, each of which is played within the confines of a 3’ by 3’ play surface. While you and your opponent battle for control of an abandoned weapon facility, you’ll each start with a relatively small force. As you battle your way into the facility, however, you’ll be able to claim new weapons and gear to upgrade your units. Since these upgrades remain with your units for your subsequent battles, you may find yourself forced to decide whether to pursue tactics better for your current battle—or aim for the upgrades that might position you better in the long-term!
  • The games Special Forces and Operatives will feature prominently in Operation: Shadow, an Escalation event that will have you and your opponent hunting for each other's secretly selected priority units. Your inital army for this event will start at 300 points—with no Commander—and will build to a total 900 points over the course of four games.

Naturally, these Operations each feature a unique set of rules and achievements to ensure they promote fresh and memorable play experiences. They will be made available shortly. In the meantime, to get a better idea of how the game's Operations feel when you're in the trenches, you can read the article "More Than Miniatures," in which guest writer Charles Bryers recounted his personal experience with Operation: Blue Metal.

Fight for a Cause

There's more at stake in Star Wars: Legion than your battlefield and your immediate objectives. There's a Galactic Civil War raging throughout the stars, and once you're ready to play your part, the Star Wars: Legion Organized Play program will be waiting for you.

Is it your time to be a hero? Help decide the fate of the galaxy. Sign up for the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. Talk to your local retailer today about getting involved in Star Wars: Legion Organized Play!

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