20 August 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Defend the Pass

See the Prizes for Runewars Miniatures Game 2018 Season Three Organized Play


"Place me at the head of a mustered Army of the Realm, my peers, and I will venture forth to eradicate the traitor in the Mistlands and the undead with him."
     –Baron Zachareth

One of the most divisive characters in all of Terrinoth arrives to the Runewars Miniatures Game Organized Play in 2018 Season Three!

Hailed by some as the Savior of Carthridge and reviled by others as the Betrayer of Carthridge, Baron Zachareth is easily one of the most powerful and notorious of all Daqan Lords. His mastery of both swordplay and sorcery appears to be matched only by his ambition, and he has already shown himself willing to experiment with magic in ways that other scholars and sorcerers deem exceedingly rash and dangerous.

But the magical secrets Zachareth has uncovered may end up giving the Daqan the strength they need to stand against Waiqar's undead hordes, the bloodthirsty Uthuk Y'llan, and all the other evils they may face.

In 2018 Season Three, you'll find Zachareth ready to lead whatever Army of the Realm you muster, and then hold the nearest pass against the incoming hordes.

The Spoils of War

The 2018 Season Three Challenge Kit for Runewars Miniatures Game contains 54 Core Prize Cards, 10 Elite Prize Cards, and 10 Elite Prize Sets intended to support three Strategic Encounter Tournaments or Runewars Miniatures Game leagues. One copy of each different Core Prize Card, Elite Prize Card, and Elite Prize Set are intended for the event organizer to keep or distribute at their discretion. The rest of these prizes, however, are yours to claim on the field of battle!

Core Prize Cards

The 2018 Season Three Challenge Kit is designed to support up to eight players in three different Strategic Encounters or Runewars Miniatures Game leagues and comes with eight Core Prize Objective Cards and eight Core Prize Deployment Cards for each event.

Elite Prize Cards

At each of the season's Strategic Encounters, or in each of its leagues, you'll have the chance claim an Elite Prize Card or Elite Prize Set. To do so, you'll need to win both rounds of your event or paint your figures well enough to win the associated Painting Award.

Alternatively, you might just win an Elite Prize Card or Elite Prize Set at random. Each of your achievements is tracked alongside the achievements of each other attendee. These are all assigned numbers on the event's Encounter Guide, and at the end of each event, your organizer will use these numbers to distribute the event's remaining Elite Prizes at random.

Either way, if you manage to claim a copy of the season's Elite Prize Card, you'll be able to add Baron Zachareth to your army with larger-than-life extended art!

Elite Prize Sets

Of course, if you'd rather crush the Daqan Lords than support them, you might trample over Baron Zachareth in favor of one of the season's Elite Prize Sets. In this case, you'd find a set of five acrylic Panic tokens, such as you'd assign to your enemies with your Wraiths' Corruption Rune or Unhallowed Wind.

Do Something Extraordinary

War is coming. As the ravaging hordes draw ever nearer, will you place your faith in established traditions? Or will you, like Baron Zachareth, seek new ways to strengthen yourself and your armies?

No matter your decision, you'll have plenty of chances to put your theories to the test during the battles of 2018 Season Three Organized Play. Take advantage of your opportunity to get involved and win custom prizes. Talk to your favorite local retailer today!

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