13 July 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Scouting the Battlefield

Previewing the Outland Scouts of Runewars Miniatures Game


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Across Mennara, the armies of the Daqan are famous for their chivalry, bright banners, and shining armor. Yet there are some among their ranks who hail from more humble origins, yet are no less vital to the battalions of the twelve baronies. The Daqan’s expert pathfinders, known as the Outland Scouts, are more at home among the forbidding wilds of the realm than in winding city streets. Still, many governments employ them in the vanguards of their armies for their incomparable skills as hunters and trackers. As ancient threats arise in the Mistlands and the Ru Darklands, these talents will prove invaluable as the Scouts spearhead legions into enemy territory.

Today, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a closer look at the Outland Scouts Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game, available for pre-order now at your local retailer or online through our website!

Band of Brothers

The Outland Scouts were first organized after the War of Ten Brothers, when a squabble between the heirs of the Baron of Otrin threatened to throw all of Terrinoth into chaos. The troops of the Free Cities managed to restore peace at the time, but it became clear that the wilds needed greater recognition and protection. For two centuries since, the Outland Scouts have patrolled the wilds of Terrinoth, repelling the eldritch threats of the mists and protecting the far-spread villages that lay beyond the reach of the larger cities.

While such scouts are often solitary travelers, they are known to band together in small, closely knit groups and to proudly answer the call of duty when the need arises. When they join the ranks of the Daqan Lords, these scouts bear their own keyword, which they use to scan the battlefield before the fight begins and then move to where they are needed most. The Outland Scouts deploy after all other units have already been deployed to the battlefield. Then, once they are sent out, they may perform any blue action and matching modifier. For the Scouts, this provides them with a wide variety of movement options, even allowing them to immediately perform a speed-3 march—something they would normally only be able to accomplish fairly late in the round.

If you choose to recruit a four-tray unit of Outland Scouts, you can take their ability one step further with Seasoned Pathfinder.  This Champion upgrade lets your scouts take the lay of the land, deploying after the first round has already past, emerging from any terrain on the battlefield and immediately performing a reform action. With this, you can perfectly line up to charge an enemy’s flank, send aid to an outnumbered ally, or surround an unsuspecting enemy to launch a coordinated assault. With this unprecedented ability to read the battlefield and adjust your strategy accordingly, you will see that knowledge truly is power.

Hold the Line

The Outland Scouts Unit Expansion provides you with a full set of eight easily assembled, unpainted miniatures that you can customize in the colors of your vanguard, as well as two movement trays, one command tool, a collection of tokens, and five upgrade cards to strengthen your Daqan army. When you face off against the undead legions of Waiqar the Undying, you can ensure that your troops are prepared for anything with a Coiled Stance.  If you strike before your enemy in a melee, you gain Lethal 1 for the attack. But even if your opponent has a greater speed, you are prepared with Protected 1 to weather their onslaught, provided you have not already acted during the round. What's more, unlike Seasoned Pathfinder, this upgrade is not restricted to your Scouts—rather, this Training can be taught to nearly any soldier in your Daqan army.

For a truly potent combination, you can call upon the famed Hero of Rothfeld, Kari Wraithstalker,  and use her as a figure upgrade as you send your scouts to the heart of the battle. In addition to her fearless, ruthless nature, which gives your Outland Scouts an additional blue die during attacks, Kari’s influence lets you spend surges to deal extra damage to a second enemy within range. Considering that the Outland Scouts have the option to dial in a surge modifier to match their melee action, the addition of Kari can practically guarantee that they will dole out hits to at least one enemy during their attacks. In a battle where every moment and every decision counts, this team-up may be exactly what you need to give your army the edge. With the fate of the realm at stake, now is the time to use every soldier at your disposal, no matter how misanthropic they may be.

The Happy Few

When the Daqan Lords summon their warriors to defend Terrinoth from the encroaching darkness, all must answer the call of duty. While they may not be found marching in military parades, the Outland Scouts will stamp out the dangers that threaten their homes. By using every piece of their knowledge, craftsmanship, and military lore, they will ensure that the baronies stand tall for centuries to come. Add the Outland Scouts to your ranks and protect your people from what lies within the mists!

Pre-order your copy of the Outland Scouts Unit Expansion (RWM27) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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