18 October 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Allies of the Aymhelin

Two Latari Expansions for Runewars Miniatures Game Are Now Available


Order your own copy of the Prince Faolan Hero Expansion at your local retailer or online through our website today!

The four great factions of Terrinoth take to the battlefield in Runewars Miniatures Game! In the southern reaches of the realm, the Aymhelin, the greatest forest in all of Mennara, guards those who reside beneath the boughs of giant trees whose ivory trunks stretch to the sky. Here, the insular Latari Elves have lived for centuries, peaceful but ever-vigilant of the Ru that borders their territory to the east. 

Now, fires burn in the Darklands once again and the Latari must call upon old allies to confront the renewed threat of the Locust Swarm. An exiled prince returns and old allies renew their oaths as the warhorns herald the coming darkness once more. The Prince Faolan Hero Expansion and the Ventala Skirmishers Unit Expansion are on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website!

The Exiled Prince

Long ago, Prince Faolan was a young, rash military leader known for bold strategies. But when his lack of foresight led to the death of a beloved family member, he left the Latari army behind to protect his people in a self-imposed exile. Now, Prince Faolan defends the frontier of the Aymhelin against all he sees as enemies. Increasingly, this includes any trespassers on Elven lands, whether wandering orc tribes or armed merchant caravans. Though some decry his hard-hearted tactics, others see him as a brave warrior who selflessly protects those under his charge.

As Prince Faolan enters the fray in Runewars Miniatures Game, he brings the tactical expertise of a military master combined with the grace of the Empyrean. When the prince performs a speed-three march, he can choose to instead perform three speed-one marches. While this choice cancels his modifier, he can combine use his second unit card ability to modify each march with a turn, wheel, or charge, ensuring that modifier or no, Prince Faolan is a host unto himself.

With his return to the Latari, Prince Faolan also brings a new modifier that only he can currently use: the die enhance. When a unit performs an attack action with the die enhance modifier, you'll roll an additional die of the indicated color. In this case, Faolan’s die enhance features a red stance and a blue die, allowing him to roll an additional blue die during his melees!

The Prince Faolan Hero Expansion includes two unpainted miniatures, one of the Prince astride his cyrssaerele mount and one alone, as well as his command tool and unit card, a collection of tokens, and six available upgrade cards. In addition to everything you need to add Faolan to your elven army, you will also gain a new terrain piece, objective card, and deployment card to bring new tactical challenges to your battles in Terrinoth. No matter what obstacles the fight presents, Prince Faolan will be ready to face them head on with a staunch sense of duty that can only spring from one who understands both the art of war and its cost.

The Ancient Wardens

When the Aymhelin Forest was torn apart by war between the Fae and Dimora, the Latari Elves combined their forces with the Ventala Skirmishers to beat back the threat and defend their shared home. In the ages since, the two races have lived in peace, with the Ventala offering their services as scouts and warriors when the need arises. Their knowledge of the Aymhelin’s innumerable winding trails and their skills with the javelin make them invaluable allies to the Latari, surrounding their enemies and attacking from the shadows of the trees before their enemies are even aware of the threat.

The Ventala Skirmishers are master hunters, and they're never surprised by the counter maneuvers of their prey. When they perform a march, they can decrease their speed or turn aside to avoid a clash that they are unprepared for. But the Ventala Skirmishers' true strength comes when they dance just out of reach of their enemy. Similar to Prince Faolan’s ability to add a blue die with his command tool, the Ventala Skirmishers can also add a blue die when they execute a ranged attack, as long as their target is close enough to their javelins. To ensure that their opponents remain within this striking distance, the Skirmishers can use a skill action to throw their  Bolo Nets,  keeping their enemies tied down as they struggle to withstand the Skirmishers’ vicious spears.

The Ventala Skirmishers Unit Expansion provides everything you need to add these powerful cavalry to your ranks, including four miniatures, one unit card and command tool, a collection of tokens, and twelve available upgrade cards. As true defenders of the Aymhelin who have resided in the forest since before recorded history, the Skirmishers can use their link to the natural environment that surrounds them to boost their defense with the  Hedge Shroud  upgrade. With these masters of the forest on your side, any who would dare to threaten your territory will be forced to think twice. There are greater dangers than a few elves hidden in the shadows of the trees.

Renew the Alliance

The Ynfernael locusts of the Uthuk Y’llan stir for the first time in centuries and far to the north, the dead refuse to lay quiet in the foul swamps of the Mistlands. The mortals of the Land of Steel cannot be trusted to hold back these threats, and with new additions to their ranks like the Baron of Carthridge, perhaps they cannot be trusted at all. The time has come to renew old friendships and stand united against the threats to the Aymhelin. Add Prince Faolan and the Ventala Skirmishers to your Latari army and protect your ancestral home!

Pick up your copy of the Prince Faolan Hero Expansion (RWM34) and Ventala Skirmishers Unit Expansion (RWM35) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website!

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