The Scholar and the Infinite

Two New World Champion Decks for Android: Netrunner Are Now Available


Order your own copy of the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Decks today at your local retailer or online through our website today!

In November of 2017, Android: Netrunner The Card Game players from across the world gathered at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, Minnesota to fight for the right to be called the best in the game's annual World Championship. Though many different decks were represented, only one corp and one runner deck could come out on top. Now, both of these decks, featuring full artwork for every card, can be yours!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Corp Deck and the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Runner Deck, available for order now from your local retailer or our website!

These two championship decks are card-for-card recreations of the decks that won the Fantasy Flight Games World Championship last year, piloted by Wilfy Horig! Now, the power of a world champion can be in your hands. Not only are these decks a perfect recreation of Wilfy’s, they also feature fully extended art and minimal formatting for every card featured within. Dominate your opponents in style with these two world-class decks.

A Tool for Every Occasion

Lock down the corporation’s servers with the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Runner Deck that uses  Hayley Kaplan  (Breaker Bay, 25), the Universal Scholar. As a Shaper, Haley has access to tools that allow you to search your stack for the perfect rig.  Artist Colony  (Kala Ghoda, 9) can find any card in your deck, while Fan Site can easily act as the agenda you have to sacrifice to make the Colony run smoothly. 

With Hayley Kaplan’s ability, you can get great click compression, installing two cards for only one of your four clicks. If you take advantage of this frequently, you can find yourself running out of cards, your click efficiency offset by the need to always be drawing. However, the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Runner Deck offers a variety of solutions to keep your grip stocked. The most versatile of these methods is the Laguna Velasco District (Terminal Directive, 22). While the District can be expensive to install, the reward is substantive. Every time you use a click to draw a card, you draw an additional card. This completely offsets the imbalance in Hayley’s ability, and it's enough on its own to keep your grip stocked up at minimal cost. However, the deck also offers plenty of other ways to get your draw engine running.

Astrolabe  (Up and Over, 79) can further stock your grip every time the corp creates a new server, and Beth Kilrain-Chang  (Blood Money, 30) can give you a free draw at the start of your turn based on how many credits the corp has. With all this card draw, you could find yourself in danger of emptying your stack, but a single copy of Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control, 35) can allow you to start the cycle all over again.  

With a constant feed of cards and an ability that can unleash those cards into your rig in rapid succession, the Android Netrunner 2017 World Champion Runner Deck is a well-oiled machine.

Identity (1):
Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar
Event (14):
Indexing (3), Information Sifting (1), Levy AR Lab Access (1), Mad Dash (1), Peace in Our Time (3), Scavenge (1), Stimhack (1), Sure Gamble (3)
Hardware (3):
Astrolabe (2), Feedback Filter (1)
Resource (17):
Artist Colony (1), Beth Kilrain-Chang (1), Citadel Sanctuary (1), Daily Cast (3), Fan Site (3), Hunting Grounds (1), Laguna Velasco District (3), Sacrificial Construct (3), The Shadow Net (1)
Programs (11):
Atman (1), Femme Fatale (1), Gordian Blade (1), Inti (1), Na'Not'K (1), Clot (1), Misdirection (1), Self-Modifying Code (2), Tapwrm (2)

Money and Power

 The Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Corp Deck utilizes Haas-Bioroid and their terrifying Cerebral Imaging  (Creation and Control, 1) identity.

While you are normally restricted to discarding down to five cards in HQ at the end of the turn, Cerebral Imaging allows that rule to become much more flexible, limiting your hand size to the number of credits you have in the pool. While this could be a risky proposition should your credits run dry, the Android Netrunner 2017 World Champion Corp Deck ensures your credits, and your HQ, will always be plentiful.

Early in the game, you can use Violet Level Clearance  (Quorum, 111) and Ultraviolet Clearance  (Terminal Directive, 38) to kickstart Cerebral Imaging’s ability. The deck includes three copies of each, and the reasoning is clear. This deck is packed with operations meant to keep your credit pool full, and even hires out Weyland's Bryan Stinson (Quorum, 117) to recur these transactions from archives, giving you the opportunity to further inflate your credit pool while the runner struggles to keep up, especially with the help of the three Reversed Accounts  (Up and Over, 66) included in the deck.

Of course, all of these credits can be put to good use. Once you’ve accrued the appropriate amount of credits, Biotic Labor  (Revised Core Set, 72) can let you score agendas with ease using the extra click it provides, and you should be able to find the setup quite easily with the number of cards you’ll be drawing and keeping every turn. 

With the ability to gain credits and draw cards extremely quickly, the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Corp Deck is an impenetrable beast that the runner will have trouble cracking.

Identity (1):
Cerebral Imaging
Agenda (9):
Corporate Sales Team (1), Efficiency Committee (3), Elective Upgrade (2), Project Vitruvius (3)
Asset (9):
Jeeves Model Bioroids (3), MCA Austerity Policy (3), Reversed Accounts (3),  
Ice (11):
Bastion (1), Vanilla (2), Enigma (1), Fairchild 2.0 (1), Fairchild 3.0 (3), Architect (2), Ichi 1.0 (1)
Operation (17):
Biotic Labor (3), IPO (2), Scarcity of Resources (1), Shipment from Tennin (2), Hedge Fund (3), Violet Level Clearance (3), Ultraviolet Clearance (3)
Upgrade (3):
Bryan Stinson (2), Cyberdex Virus Suite (1) 

World Class

With the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Runner Deck and the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Corp Deck, you can explore a cyberpunk future in style. With changes to the Most Wanted List, neither of these decks are legal for competitive play, but with slight tweaking they can still be very strong in tournaments or your kitchen table. Either way, you're sure to find a use for the full-art cards featured within.

Become a champion with the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Runner Deck (uCHP09) and the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Corp Deck (uCHP08), available now from your local retailer or our website!

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