1 June 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Fortify Your Position

See the Prizes for Runewars Miniatures Game 2018 Season Two Organized Play


Suddenly compelled, Waiqar began to chant in a voice that was not his own. Though he did not know the words, he knew their meaning. They spoke of dust and the grave, of dirt and worms, of rotten sinew and cold earth.

In the realms of Terrinoth, each new season carries with it a threat of war. The undying hordes of Waiqar the betrayer rattle their bones within the Realm of Mist. Ynfernael powers roar for blood, seeking new strength through dark pacts with demonic forces. And while the Daqan Lords and Latari Elves brace themselves for battle, other sinister things awaken in the deep places, and the feral beasts of the nameless wild grow ever more daring and numerous.

These are threats that must be answered. An army that fails to ready itself for war is an army that will fail its people. And each new season of Organized Play events for the Runewars Miniatures Game offers you a chance to answer these threats. You will find new challenges, and you will have a chance to prove yourself—by rising to meet those challenges.

Thus, as we draw near to the second season of 2018 Runewars Miniatures Game Organized Play, the time has come to ready your troops for battle. Array your infantry. Line up your archers and cavalry. And steel yourself for the coming charges. There's blood awaiting you on the field of battle, but there's glory, too… and prizes!

2018 Season Two Challenge Kit

The 2018 Season Two Challenge Kit for Runewars Miniatures Game introduces prizes to support your local playgroup for as many as three separate events, and while it's always encouraging to rout your foes and ride away victorious after each of your battles, you don't need to win to earn your share of prizes. You gain prizes simply for participating, demonstrating your fighting spirit, painting your army, and, yes, for laying your enemies to waste.

At each Strategic Encounter event, you can complete as many as five achievements:

  • Enroll in the tournament.
  • Use a painted army.
  • Inspire your army (by cheering the name of your faction).
  • Win in the tournament's first round.
  • Win in the tournament's second round.

For each achievement you complete, the event organizer checks a box to the right of your name on the sign-up sheet. This is noteworthy because—in a place as prone to chaos as Terrinoth's battlefields—after you claim the Core prizes for participating, you can win one or more Elite prizes if the number next to one of your check boxes is pulled in a random drawing.

  • Event One: Alternate art objective card, Supply Raid, and alternate art deployment card, Long Canyon.
  • Event Two: Alternate art objective card, Ancient Wards, and alternate art deployment card, Vanguard Clash.
  • Event Three: Alternate art objective card, Fortified Position, and alternate art deployment card, Defended Pass.

You can also earn Elite prizes by winning both rounds of the tournament or by winning the day's painting contest.

  • Extended art Death Knights.
  • Set of five acrylic Immobilize condition tokens.

Send in the Cavalry

An almost palpable tension lies heavy across the fields of Terrinoth. From their towers, the Daqan Lords look with worry toward the approaching mists. The Latari Elves quiet themselves, concerned that they may hear a demonic howling rise above the familiar forest noises. Surrounded by his undead warriors, Waiqar the Undying burns with desire for the runebound magic that he has so long been denied.

Will you command Waiqar and his forces, commanding your Death Knights to deliver a punishing first strike? Will you stand with the noble Daqan Lords against the rise of evil? Or will you race out from beyond the Ru Plains, leaping at your foes to pounce on them with a demonic growl lodged deep in your throat?

The coming conflicts are inevitable. The only question is what you'll take away from them, so head to your local retailer today to find out when you'll be able to participate in the upcoming season of Runewars Miniatures Game Organized Play!

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