1 June 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Baron Zachareth

Announcing a New Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game


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Hero. Warmonger. Maverick. Warlock.

Few agree on whether Baron Zachareth of Carthridge is a hero or a villain, but those under his rule laud his strong leadership, particularly in battle against the enemies of the Daqan, whose numbers seem to increase each day. As the battle for Terrinoth continues to rage in Runewars Miniatures Game, his martial mastery and knowledge of the arcane runes may prove invaluable, even if his methods are questionable.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Baron Zachareth Hero Expansion—you can pre-order your copy today at your local retailer or online through our website!

Baron of Carthridge

Although he assumed power under suspicious circumstances, Baron Zachareth brought forth streams of silver from long-abandoned mines and resolved to return peace to the borders, earning him the love of his people and acclaim throughout the land. The silver barony of Carthridge shares an ancient border with the cursed thirteenth barony. As such, Baron Zachareth is one of the few Daqan leaders to speak regularly of the threat posed by the Mistlands. He continually pushes for a preemptive invasion of the Mistlands, which he volunteers to lead himself. The other barons refuse to support such an endeavor, but as reports of unnatural creatures and the walking dead continue to pour in, their resistance may ultimately prove foolish.

Should the moment ever arise, Baron Zachareth is more than up to the task of leading an attack on the Mistlands. Possessing both the Brutal 1 and Precise 1 keywords, the hero is practically a host unto himself, able to outfight the strongest knights and outride the fastest scouts astride his Rune-steed, Backbreaker. Similar to his heroic peer Lord Hawthorne, Baron Zachareth has a defense value of three and a wound count of four, and he rolls a red and a white die when engaging in a melee. However, unlike Hawthorne, Baron Zachareth can use his mastery over the element of fire to execute ranged attacks with a red die.

Strength Beyond Measure

Perhaps due to this rare control over the arcane, it is whispered among the people of Terrinoth that Baron Zachareth has fallen to the lure of sorcerous power. His enemies claim that now he is little more than a self-serving warlock, almost reminiscent of a young Waiqar. As a young man, Zachareth studied magic at the Colleges of Greyhaven. There, he passed the Trials of the Elements in rapid succession and developed theories regarding the runebound shards, claiming that the magic used to animate Rune Golems could be used not only to offer vitality to stone sentries, but to increase the strength of living soldiers.

While the scholars dismissed his request to experiment with this idea, claiming it was too rash and dangerous for anyone involved, Zachareth decided to attempt the rituals using himself as a test subject. Despite the experiment’s success, this act of disobedience would have been cause for his expulsion from the college, had it not been for his father's timely death forcing Zachareth to return to Carthridge to assume the mantle of power.

Now, these experiments in Runic Augmentation equip Baron Zachareth with a unique ability to offer his allies an edge before the battle. After setup, Baron Zachareth may choose up to three of his allies to receive vitality tokens. When a unit in possession of a vitality token would suffer one or more wounds, this new type of boon token can be spent to reduce the number of wounds suffered by one!

Savior or Betrayer

The Baron Zachareth Hero Expansion comes with two easily assembled and unpainted figures, one for infantry and one for cavalry, that you can customize in the colors of your coat of arms. Additionally, this expansion provides you with six upgrades and two condition cards to show why Zachareth’s soldiers have a reputation for being the best-equipped and best-trained in the twelve baronies.

The controversy surrounding Baron Zachareth’s true nature is reflected in two new conditions: Savior of Carthridge and Betrayer of Carthridge . Savior of Carthridge shows Baron Zachareth’s nobility, allowing each ally between range one and three of Zachareth to rally. Then, as a skill action, the baron may choose an ally at range one to five to receive a vitality token while he suffers a stun token himself. Contrariwise, Betrayer of Carthridge benefits Baron Zachareth directly by stealing the strength of his allies. As part of either a melee or ranged attack, the baron may inflict a stun token on an ally at range one to three to gain a red or blue die during an attack. Then, as a skill action, you may choose another ally at range one to five to receive a stun token so that you may give Baron Zachareth a vitality token. With the ability to either offer or steal power, you can adjust your battle plans on the fly, ready to defend the Daqan wherever threats emerge.

Even if the other barons of Terrinoth refuse to see the threat on their doorstep, Zachareth will maintain a state of constant readiness. Perhaps he knows more about the terrors in the Mists than he lets on, but in these times of strife, can you afford to turn away the help of a potential ally?

Seize Power

Take charge of Carthridge and defend the barony’s borders from the grotesque monsters lurking in the mists. Add Baron Zachareth to your ranks and show Terrinoth the strength of true leadership!

Pre-order your copy of the Baron Zachareth Hero Expansion (RWM32) at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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