27 April 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Dance of Death

Previewing the Darnati Warriors of Runewars Miniatures Game


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The realm of Terrinoth falls into conflict and war in Runewars Minatures Game! In this rank-and-file game of fantasy warfare, four powerful factions call the banners and take to the battlefield. Only one can strike down their enemies to claim control of the land, but the peoples of Terrinoth are proud, and none will surrender without a fight.

Located in the westernmost reaches of the Aymhelin forest, the Darnati Highlands are home to some of the fiercest Elves in Terrinoth. Scars of moonstone run through the sheer cliff faces, reflecting the sun’s light with an ethereal glow. Artisans transform this precious material into the wondrous weapons wielded by the Elves' most elite swordsmen, the Darnati Warriors. These monks are the most feared warriors in Mennara, keeping constant vigil over the Aymhelin.

Today, Fantasy Flight Games offers you a closer look at the secretive order of the Darnati Warriors Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

The Darnati Order

The Darnati Warriors believe they can only ascend Latariana’s Stair if they destroy the original evil that first caused their people to fall when the world was still young. To that end, warriors bring apprentices into their mysterious, secluded temples, away from the traditional teachings of the Daughters of the Empyrean. There, they learn the discipline, mysteries, and rituals that form the basis of the dance, all in a complex language of hand gestures. The fully-fledged warriors of the Darnati have sworn a vow of silence, save for their sacred prayers and scriptures. Beyond their use in religious ceremonies, these few careful words are employed as rallying cries in battle, inspiring the soldiers as they conduct their blessed rite of grace and death.

The Darnati regard their deadly craft as a sacred dance. Rather than weighing themselves down with heavy armor, the Darnati Warriors rely on their speed and skill for protection in battle. The Darnati Warriors bear the same health and defense as many other infantry units in Runewars Miniatures Game, including the Latari’s own Deepwood Archers. However, this elite force is unique in that they roll an impressive three blue dice when executing a melee attack. This power does come with a price, however, as you must remove one die after rerolls. Still, with a touch of luck, these masters of combat will find the surge they need to gain Lethal 1 for the melee.

Swift Strikes

The grace of the Darnati Warriors’ deadly dance is reflected in their command tool. With the signature mobility of the Elves, the swordsmen have a wide variety of march and shift actions to choose from, darting in and out of combat as needed. The combinations of march, shift, and reform actions allow the swordsmen to easily maneuver around terrain and line up flank attacks, while staying just out of reach of their enemies. Once they have lined up the perfect position to strike, the Darnati are nigh unstoppable.

Unlike the Deepwood Archers who specialize in ranged attacks, the Darnati Warriors confront their opponents directly, with two blue modifiers on their command dial that allow them to charge. Then, once they are engaged in combat, they can modify their melee action with a bonus hit to increase their lethality. Before the enemy ever has a chance to counter, the engagement is over, and the Darnati move on to their next partner in the dance of death.

Cunning Swordsmen

The Darnati Warriors Unit Expansion provides you with eight unpainted, easily assembled swordsmen to fill the ranks of your Elven army. In addition to these beautifully sculpted figures, you can further customize your army with five upgrade cards, including player-favorites like Shield Wall,  and a new Latari upgrade, Lay of the Land.  This training upgrade further increases the Elves’ maneuverability by allowing them to perform a speed-1 shift after they have performed a shift action. With this ability, you'll dodge around your enemies until you're ready to face your opponent on the battlefield with the ultimate display of grace, speed, and power.

Many who fill the ranks of the Darnati Warriors come from the class of Highborn Elves, those with the strongest natural connection to Latariana’s Door, and they dedicate their lives to seeking redemption through discipline and devotion. The Order’s connection to the natural and the spiritual world grants them a deep arcane knowledge with the Corruption Rune.  This equipment, which can be attached to any size unit of Darnati Warriors, can be used to provide the swordsmen with an incredible amount of power. As a skill action, you may target an enemy character and discard the top card of the morale deck. Your chosen enemy then suffers damage equal to the number of morale icons and, depending on the card’s type, receives either a panic, stun, or immobilize token! With the blessing of the Empyrean, you may be able to inflict three damage on a distant enemy at a range of four, without endangering your soldiers.

Sharpen Your Blade

As the Latari prepare for war, the Darnati Warriors must leave the sanctuary of their stone temples to defend their Latari brothers and sisters. If they can vanquish the evil of the Mistlands and the wastes of the Ru, perhaps they can gain the redemption they so desperately seek. Either way, the enemies of the Darnati will face a death both swift and beautiful.

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