20 April 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Vicious Rippers

The Uthuk Y'llan Unleash their Cavalry


The deadly Flesh Rippers are some of the most useful units of the Uthuk army. They are swift and unrelenting assailants on the battlefield, they can smell the blood of enemies’ hearts at great distances, and witches of the Blood Coven can reach into their minds to perceive the world through the beasts’ own senses. This magic allows them to know when a great host marches, or a village’s protectors redeploy, enabling strikes at vulnerable, unprotected targets.

Before you release your demonic forces upon Terrinoth, Fantasy Flight Games offers you a closer look at the rash cavalry of the Uthuk Y’llan with the Flesh Rippers Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game! You can pre-order your copy of this expansion at your local retailer or online through our webstore today.

Cruel Cavalry

The vicious Flesh Rippers can shatter enemy formations, but they are often unreliable once the battle ends. Many handlers working with the beasts have attempted to collect their charges after a victory, only to find that the demons still have aggression to spare. The Flesh Rippers’ unruly and unpredictable nature shines on their command dial, which features a march action with a speed equal to the number of unstable energy runes in play. If the forces of the Ynfernael bestow their favor upon the Uthuk, this action may allow them to traverse a distance of four, the highest in the game. But even if the odds are stacked against the locust horde, the Flesh Rippers bear a bonus speed-two march action on their modifier dial to ensure that their assault shall be swift.

Once these demons ensnare an opponent with their catching claws, nothing can save them. When participating in a melee, the Flesh Rippers have a combined morale and surge modifier that they can spend alongside their unit card ability to create a deadly combination. When the Flesh Rippers fight in a melee, they may choose an enemy that they are engaged with and inflict damage equal to the number of surges spent. By fusing these elements, a player commanding the Uthuk Y'llan can build a strategy that guarantees their cavalry will cause at least one damage in every confrontation.

Designed for Dark Purpose

Although all Flesh Rippers are capable warbeasts, variation in the ritual magic used to call them from the Ynfernael can select a demon more suited to the purpose at hand, bringing forth a beast with the specific qualities the summoner desires. Varying the rites does provide noticeable effects on the demons summoned, sometimes branding them with magical runes or eldritch patterns along their hides. Those brought forth for swiftness bear jagged, dark-hued stripes, while trackers are the color of dried blood or the desiccated brown of the wastelands. Players commanding the Flesh Rippers can reflect this with the four unpainted miniatures included in this expansion that they can customize however they see fit.

In addition to these miniatures, the Flesh Rippers Unit Expansion includes two cavalry movement trays, six tokens, and five upgrade cards to make the demons even more volatile on the battlefield. At the beginning of the battle, players can set the Flesh Rippers off at a Dead Sprint.  This upgrade states that, during your activation, a player may increase the speed of the Flesh Rippers’ first march action by one, or treat the movement as modified by a turn. By bringing out this ability early in the battle, the Flesh Rippers can take on enemies who rely on ranged attacks or have the ability to shift away from direct confrontation, forcing them into a melee. The Ynfernael demons can tear their opponents limb from limb before the cowards have an opportunity to evade.

Once the battle begins in earnest, Flesh Rippers are nearly impossible to surprise. Their swiftness enables them to turn on enemies at a moment’s notice. Flank Guards prevents enemies attacking the creatures from gaining an extra die for flanking them. When robbed of their advantages, the enemies of the Uthuk do not stand a chance against the Flesh Rippers. All those who dare to defy the locust swarm will fall before the power of the Ynfernael and the Uthuk Y'llan shall revel in rivers of blood!

Dangerous Fiends

Should you choose to add these beasts to your ranks, be wary. Constant vigilance and endless cruelty usually keep the demons in check, but even the ruthless Uthuk handlers live in fear of a lapse that leaves their bones to fill the feeding pits on a successor’s watch. But if you can master the forces of the Ynfernael, the demons you call forth will ensure your victory as you seek to conquer Terrinoth. Unleash the Flesh Rippers and stand back as they tear your enemies to shreds!

Preorder the Flesh Rippers Unit Expansion (RWM26) from the Fantasy Flight Games website here or at your local retailer today!

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