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See the Prizes You Can Win at the 2018 May World Championships


"Great shot, kid. That was one in a million."
     –Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

The Star Wars galaxy is full of heated conflict and dramatic turns of events. Rebels and Imperials battle on countless planets while their fleets clash amid the stars. Jedi face Sith in tense lightsaber duels. Resistance fighters conduct bombing raids on First Order bases. Heroes rise from humble origins to alter the fate of the galaxy.

This May 2nd – 6th, you'll find these conflicts—and more—exploding onto the tables of the 2018 May World Championships!

Hosted at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN, the 2018 May World Championships feature the world's top players for five of our Star Wars games:

Attend these five days of top-tier Star Wars gaming, and you'll find fast-paced duels of dice and cards. You'll find X-wings screaming into action against TIE fighters. Capital ships bombard each other amidst swarms of fighters and bombers. Teams of Rebels, Imperials, and mercenaries race through narrow corridors and peek around corners.

You'll witness dramatic turns of fortune, see far-reaching plans come together at the last possible moment, learn how the Force flows through all things… and find yourself in contention for a wide array of exclusive prizes!

What Are the Prizes?

As the pinnacle of Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play, the 2018 May World Championships will feature both the world's greatest competitors and some of the world's greatest prizes.

Everyone who attends will receive an array of participation prizes. Likewise, all participants will have the chance to spend prize tickets to claim the goodies available on the event's prize wall. And, of course, you stand to win additional prizes when you can string together a number of victories in your favorite game's World Championships.

Alternate art cards. Custom tokens. Plastic cards. Acrylic range rulers. Stunning art prints. Official playmats. T-shirts. Commemorative medallions. A prize wall of coveted items. These things are all yours for the taking—along with The Greatest Prize in Gaming, a chance to interact with your game's developers to inspire a future card!

All attendees receive a World Championship Card Binder and a pack of 100 World Championship card sleeves for each game they play, plus other prizes that vary according to the game. You'll find more information about these prizes in the sections below.


STAR WARS: The Card Game

STAR WARS: Destiny

STAR WARS: Imperial Assault


Five Great Days of Star Wars Gaming

The 2018 May World Championships are five great days of Star Wars gaming—the best Star Wars tabletop gaming available anywhere. And while the prizes at stake may incentivize you to bring your best game, the competition itself is the greatest reward.

Nowhere else will you find such energy, enthusiasm, and talent for your favorite games. Over the course of five days, the 2018 May World Championships will serve as an unparalleled celebration of Star Wars tabletop gaming—a chance to make new friends, discover new strategies, and forge new memories, even as you enjoy playing your game at the very highest level of competition!

Accordingly, this is an event you do not want to miss, so remember your deadlines!

  • March 4 — 11:59 PM CST. Purchase deadline for general applicants with invitations.
  • March 26 — 11:59 PM CST. Application closes for reserved seats.
  • March 29 — Invitations sent to reserved seat holders who applied after February 20th. Access codes sent to general registration applicants for games with remaining seats.
  • March 31 — NOON CST. General applicants may redeem their invitations on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • April 10 — NOON CST. Any remaning tickets are made available to the public.

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