19 March 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Runewars Versus: Fields of Fire

The Fifth Entry in the Matchup Series for Runewars Miniatures Game


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The diverse, magical realm of Terrinoth falls under threat in Runewars Miniatures Game. The strategic game of rank-and-file fantasy warfare gives two players the chance to become generals, building armies and developing strategies to crush their enemies and prove that they are the only one worthy of rule. With unique factions and varying objectives, no two matches are the same, and every clash challenges the commanders to learn and adapt to the shifting tides of battle.

Today, we're pleased to bring you back into the heart of the battle as the Runewars Versus matchup series comes to its thrilling conclusion. The final matchup is set between the Latari Elves under Allen’s command and the Uthuk Y’llan, led by Lizzie.

Readying Forces

As the two commanders assemble their forces, we spoke with each of them to ask about the impending battle.

Are you worried about the upcoming match?

Allen: Well, I updated my army a little bit, which means I’ll have to rethink my approach. I’m a little concerned about keeping my archers safe. I think they’re the key to victory today.

Lizzie: My army doesn’t have any ranged attacks which could be bad news against the Latari. Also, I know that they’re a bit more maneuverable than me so if there’s a lot of terrain I’m in trouble.

What did you learn in your previous matches that you hope to apply in this one?

Allen: In my last match, I didn’t have a lot of threat, so with my new army I have more units with more trays to give me that multiplier.

Lizzie: I learned not to be afraid of not attacking in every round. Also, I have to stop causing stupid pileups!

Is there anything you would like to say to you opponent?

Allen: The Uthuk’s reign of terror ends today.

Lizzie: Terrinoth is mine, just accept it.

Up in Flames
Careful Approach
Starting Army (Latari Elves):
Maegan Cyndewin (1 tray, 36 points), Aliana of Summersong (1 tray, 33 points), Deepwood Archers (6 trays, 42 points), Aymhelin Scions (2 trays, 25 points), Aymhelin Scion (1 tray, 14 points), Aymhelin Scion (1 tray, 14 points)
Upgrades (Latari Elves):
Reaping Blade (Maegan Cyndewin, 4 points), Arcane Mastery (Maegan Cyndewin, 2 points), Packleader's Spear (Aliana of Summersong, 8 points), Ambush Predator (Aliana of Summersong, 3 points), Close Quarters Targeting (Deepwood Archers, 3 points), Vicious Roots (Aymhelin Scions, 3 points), Vicious Roots (Aymhelin Scions, 3 points), Vicious Roots (Aymhelin Scions, 3 points), Raven Tabards (Aymhelin Scions, 2 points), Raven Tabards (Aymhelin Scions, 2 points)
Starting Army (Uthuk Y'llan):
Ravos the Everhungry  (1 tray, 40 points),  Spined Threshers  (2 trays, 28 points),  Flesh Rippers  (4 trays, 38 points), Flesh Rippers (4 trays, 38 points),  Berserkers  (6 trays, 37 points)
Upgrades (Uthuk Y'llan):
Reaping Blade (Ravos the Everhungry, 4 points),  War Crier  (Berserkers, 5 points),  Fear Incarnate  (Ravos the Everhungry, 5 points)

Scorched Earth

There is no room for error in this matchup—every move must be carefully weighed and flawlessly executed. The opposing armies approach in an oblique formation where the commanders deploy their forces in angles on opposite sides of the battlefield. On the Uthuk side, Ravos the Everhungry stands in the center of the deployment zone, backed by a pair of Spined Threshers. Moving outward, these siege units are flanked by units of Flesh Rippers, and the Berserkers stand in the rear of the battalion. Meanwhile, the Latari keep their infantrymen, the Deepwood Archers, sheltered in the center of their deployment zone. A heroine stands to each side, and the entire army is surrounded by Aymhelin Scions. With this deployment, the Uthuk have a lot of ground to cover before reaching their enemies and no shelter from the elves’ hail of arrows.

But the Latari will not have an easy task conquering these far reaches of the realm. The steppes of the Ru Darklands are going Up in Flames. Before deployment, each commander must place an objective token on the battlefield that acts as a sort of arcane bomb. At the end of each round, every unit at Range 1 of at least one objective token suffers damage equal to the number of unstable energy runes in play. Then, the fire spreads as each player must place another objective token, spreading chaos and destruction across the battle.

Take the Fight to Them

The Latari plan to use their deployment setup to their advantage, relying on ranged attacks to bring them to victory. The Uthuk, on the other hand, need to make up the distance and set out with high-speed march actions that fall later in the round. But in their preoccupation with staying away from the Deepwood Archers, the Uthuk commander forgets the dangerous objective tokens on the field and sends a unit of Flesh Rippers directly within range of one. They then suffer two wounds to match the number of unstable energy runes on the field. To make matters worse, the fire begins to spread inward as both players hope to cause damage in later rounds.

Already bleeding, the Uthuk Y’llan offer a dark prayer to the Ynfernael for increased power to reach and destroy the Latari. Their wish is answered in the second round with two natural, one stable, and four unstable runes. With newfound vigor, Ravos charges Aliana at initiative four, inflicting one wound. The Aymhelin Scions immediately reform to aid her, but the distance is great and time is short. In the next round, Aliana uses the force of her combined upgrades to deal five wounds to Ravos, but the brute slashes her with his Reaping Blade and ends her life. The Scions are too late.

Filled with vengeful fury, the forest guardians charge Ravos and inflict another wound. In this moment, it becomes clear to the Uthuk commander that her cruel champion will not survive the battle and, ruthless as the Uthuk themselves, she chooses not to send support troops. Likewise taking note of the Uthuk Y'llan strategy, the Latari commander executes his own merciless move, ordering the Deepwood Archers to shoot at Ravos even though a two-tray unit of Scions is in the line of fire. This forces them to suffer a morale test, but in exchange, the demonic hero dies.

Ynfernael Rising

Since the beginning of the battle, the Uthuk Y’llan’s Flesh Rippers have been running from both the flames and the Latari’s remaining hero, but in the fourth round they shift and reform to face Maegan Cyndewin head on. She did not anticipate their bravery and, unprepared for the collision, she marches into their snapping maws and receives one panic token. Now surrounded by fire, the Flesh Rippers manage to inflict two wounds on Maegan before the elven sorceress counters with her arcane mastery and removes two hell hounds from the unit.

Across the field, each army's siege units, the Spined Threshers and Aymhelin Scions, are locked in combat. Deciding that the damage is worth the cost of friendly fire, the Deepwood Archers rain death upon the Thresher and make their Scion ally suffer another morale test in which it turns away from the army that has forsaken it.

In round six, the free unit of Flesh Rippers charges early, closing the small distance between them and the Scion. The dice fall in their favor and equip them with eight hits when combined with their threat. Meanwhile, Maegan realizes that she is not long for this world as the flames begin to lick at her skin and she hits the hell hounds with everything she has. Her attack begins the work which is then finished by fire in round seven. The Flesh Rippers perish.

With this final death, the battle ends with an eerie quiet. In the final round, no units are engaged and with no unstable energy runes in play, the fire fails to deal damage. The battlefield is nearly bare as Maegan Cyndewin surveys what little remains. She and a single Scion are all that’s left of the once-great Latari host while, to her horror, an entire horde of Uthuk Berserkers stand ready beside a small unit of Flesh Rippers. Already exhausted from the fight, she knows that she is doomed to fall and with her, Terrinoth’s last defense against the darkness. She raises her face to the sun one last time and grips her weapon tight, ready to face her fate as a warrior.

Remaining Army (Latari Elves):
Maegan Cyndewin (36), Aymhelin Scion (14)
Remaining Upgrades (Latari Elves):
Arcane Mastery (2), Reaping Blade (4), Vicious Roots (3), Raven Tabards (2)
Remaining Army (Uthuk Y'llan):
Flesh Rippers (22), Berserkers (37)
Remaining Upgrades (Uthuk Y'llan):
War Crier (5)

Before our two commanders left the battlefield behind, we met with them for a few final words.

How do you think it went?

Allen: It was a mixed bag. I feel like I used my unit’s abilities to the fullest in some instances, but started off too slowly to really put myself in a position to win.

Lizzie: That was incredibly stressful! Allen was picking my guys off before I could even get close to him and that made me more cautious as the game went on. But I am thrilled I made it out alive.

What would you change?

Allen: I would get my archers in position much earlier. They didn’t fire until midway through the game, so I wasn’t able to use their damage dealing to the fullest. I was a bit too worried about getting them killed and should have had them doing the killing.

Lizzie: I wish I had been more aggressive in the last rounds. I knew that if I kept my guys alive, I would end with more points, but that isn’t the Uthuk way- I should have killed as many elves as I could, no matter the cost.

What did you learn?

Allen: I learned that ranged units aren’t very good if they’re not in range of anything. I also learned it’s valuable to know the capabilities of your enemies so you know what might be coming at you.

Lizzie: I learned that in some instances it’s better to have a higher defense than a higher wound count. The next time I face the Latari, I should look at upgrades that make my demons beefier.

Fate of the Realm

In a flurry of fire and smoke, Terrinoth has fallen to the might of the locust swarm. The Uthuk Y’llan shall spread across the land, claiming all they desire and leaving nothing but scorched earth below and ash-choked skies above.

Thank you for joining us for the battles of Runewars Versus! The stage is set for your own battles in Terrinoth. To begin your conquest, pick up Runewars Miniatures Game (RWM01) today at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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