12 March 2018 | Android: Netrunner LCG

Corporate Dividends

Enjoy the Prizes Coming Your Way with the New Season of Android: Netrunner Organized Play


"More runners should ice their own rigs."
     –Keegan Lane

A new season of Android: Netrunner Organized Play is nearly upon us.

That makes now the time to tinker with your rigs, load up on Diesel, and get ready to run. Or if you feel a deeper affinity with the game's megacorps, perhaps this is your chance to buy up some extra shares, throw your weight around in the boardroom, and prepare to reap the windfall.

After all, whether you aim to hack through corporate servers or advance your corporation's most profitable agendas, there are prizes waiting for you. And not just data—although there's plenty of that. But there are new alt-art cards and custom tokens lying in wait at the bottoms of those servers…

The Prizes

The first and most important mission of Android: Netrunner Organized Play is to provide you with more opportunities to enjoy the game you love. We want to help you find places to play and players to play against. We work to help you grow your Android: Netrunner community.

We also offer prizes—because there's just something cool about showing up to a game with an alternate art version of your ID or revealing an alt art version of the ice that bleeds the Runner's last card from hand.

Even so, the best thing about these prizes might not even be how good it feels to reveal them during your games; it might be how accessible they are. You don't even have to make the top tables at a Critical Run tournament to walk away at least one card richer!

  • Top 16: Alternate art Kakugo. The Runner might find a way to break your Kakugo; indeed, it's to be expected. Still, as the alternate art on this barrier suggests, the ice is sharper and more dangerous than the Runner might expect. It doesn't just break; it explodes into crystalline fragments or shrapnel—slicing into the Runner for one net damage and ensuring that even when the Runner breaks the ice, it still does its work toward breaking the Runner.
  • Top 2: Alternate art NBN: Controlling the Message. Why would you ever leave your assets unprotected where the Runner could trash them? Because sometimes—as the alt art on this NBN ID card suggests—you can lose a few battles to bait your opponent into the mistake that lets you win the war. Those Controlling the Message traces can pay off, especially when they help your sysops locate the Runner in real time… and the merc squads are never far behind.
  • Champion: Acrylic Jinteki click tracker. As the Champion of a Critical Run event, you can follow Jinteki's motto of Personal Evolution and evolve from your basic click tracker to this custom acrylic tracker. Its sides assemble around Jinteki's signature bonzai tree, representing your movement round-after-round toward the advancement of your ultimate agenda.

A Good Sysop Is Everything

The next season of Android: Netrunner Organized Play is nearly here, but if you want to collect your dividends, you have to brace for the onslaught of runners. Just remember that good sysops are worth their weight in He3!

Talk to your local game stores about Android: Netrunner Organized Play to find events near you.

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