7 February 2018 | Star Wars: Legion

The Battles to Come

The Shape of Star Wars™: Legion Organized Play

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"All troops will debark for ground assault."
     –General Veers, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The troopers feel it before they hear it—a deep rumble in the ground. Then, the sound of heavy mechanical footsteps. The forest is too dense and the night is too dark to see the walker, but there's no mistaking its approach. Quickly, the troopers don their helmets and give their rifles one last check. They take their positions in the trenches, knowing conflict is imminent…

Star Wars™: Legion is nearly here!

The Core Set and the initial offering of eight expansions are due to arrive at retailers on March 22nd. That means you'll soon be able to get your hands on the game's detailed miniatures and dive into its heated infantry battles. You'll build your trooper squads, paint Darth Vader, rally the Rebels behind Luke Skywalker, and send your speeder bikes to flank the enemy.

On battlefield after battlefield, you'll fight to tilt the Galactic Civil War in your favor. And to help you find those battlefields, we offer Star Wars: Legion Organized Play!

Countless Battlefields. Countless Potential.

The Organized Play program for Star Wars: Legion adds to your enjoyment of the game by helping you find other players and new places to play.

You can meet with friends for group painting sessions, experiment with new armies, enjoy campaign play, rally your Rebel friends against a team of Imperials, and band together with your fellow Imperials to crush the Rebellion. You can take a shot at exclusive rewards while quenching your thirst for competition. You can even join other players in your area for the game's Launch Weekend and enjoy a variety of fun activities, help establish your store as a Rebel Base or an Imperial Outpost, and walk away with some early prizes!

The Organized Play program for Star Wars: Legion is robust—designed to enhance your game experience, whether you're primarily a casual player, a hobbyist, or a serious tactician singularly focused on planetary conquest. The scope of Star Wars: Legion Organized Play accommodates all these mindsets, and it even starts ahead of the game's release—with early demos at select retailers!

The Organized Play program opens with five different facets, which we will cover more in the weeks to come.

  • In-Store Early Demos. Beginning March 8th, two weeks before the official release, select retailers will offer demos of the game, where you can see the miniatures and learn the basics of movement and combat. (More details to follow on February 14th.)
  • Launch Weekend. Immediately upon the game's release, from March 22nd to March 25th, participating retailers will host three Launch Weekend activities, rewarding participants with commemorative prizes and the opportunity to claim the store for either the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance. (More details to follow on February 26th.)
  • Legion at AdeptiCon. AdeptiCon will be hosting its own Launch Weekend activities, along with a series of other activities that make the convention an exciting opportunity for players looking to dive into Legion head first and bring their experiences back to their local communities. (More details to follow on March 5th.)
  • In-Store Events. The in-store events at your local game store are the foundation of Star Wars: Legion Organized Play. Show up, participate, and play. These events kick off with the Star Wars™: Legion Recruitment Kit, which offers you the flexibility to run a weekly league, single-day events, or casual gaming. (More details to follow on March 12th.)
  • Championship Events. There are many ways to enjoy your Legion battles, and players looking to test their skills against the galaxy's best commanders will enjoy Championship Events. These large, spirited events offer top-level competition, as well as a path to the Star Wars: Legion World Championships! (Details to follow in April.)

Join the Ranks

From the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim, the Galactic Civil War leaves no planet unscathed. So join the other soldiers supporting your cause. Deploy to your battlefield. Bring order to the galaxy as a soldier for the Galactic Empire, or fight for freedom as a member of the Rebel Alliance. The choice is yours, but take a side.

The Star Wars: Legion Core Set releases on March 22nd, with early demos starting March 8th, and you can stay informed of all the latest Star Wars: Legion Organized Play news by following us on Twitter at @FFGOP.

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