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The System Open Series for X-Wing™ Second Edition


"Lock S-foils in attack position."
     –Garven Dreis, Star Wars: A New Hope

Time to practice your high-speed maneuvers and ready yourself for close-quarters combat… the System Open Series events for X-Wing™ Second Edition are about to take flight!

Launching into action on November 24 –25 with the battles in Gdansk, Poland, the X-Wing System Open Series consists of high-energy tournaments hosted at conventions and other large public venues around the world. These events offer you the perfect chance to revel in fast-paced starfighter battles, meet the most enthusiastic members of the X-Wing community, pursue custom prizes, and test yourself against the game's top aces.

You'll find top-level competition, side events perfect for new players, and a range of cool prizes at the Prize Station. Additionally, if you have any desire to see how the game is played at its very highest level, you will absolutely want to make your way to one or more of these events—because securing a Top 8 finish in a System Open will earn you an invitation to the X-Wing World Championships!

Fun, Friends, and Fond Memories

The 2018 System Open Series broke new ground for X-Wing tournaments, drawing record attendance and forging some truly fantastic and enduring communities. This is an important point—because as much as the System Open Series is about high-level competition, it is equally dedicated toward greeting newcomers to the burgeoning X-Wing community.

This warm and welcoming community is something we're even more excited to bring together for the game's second edition as the System Open offers players a chance to explore all the new possibilities inherent in the game's ships, pilots, upgrades, and tactics!

As we previously outlined in the article, "Qualify for Worlds in Less Than Twelve Parsecs," the System Open Series represents one-half of the ladder to the X-Wing World Championships. The game's Hyperspace Trials and Hyperspace Cups represent the other half.

However, where the Hyperspace Trials and Hyperspace Cups introduce tailored game modes to reshape and refresh the meta at prescribed intervals, each System Open Series main event continues to use the extended game mode. This means System Open events remain open to the full range of ships, pilots, and upgrades available within the game! If something can happen in the game, it can happen at a System Open. Thus, the System Open Series will continue to serve not only as a fantastic opportunity to test yourself against the world's top squadron leaders, but as a showcase of the wildest and most inventive strategies the game's top minds can imagine.

Just as with the Hyperspace Trials, the System Open Series will see two periods of play each year—January through June, and July through December. You can expect each new period to bring changes in the prizes, including an exclusive new game mat. The System Open Series events taking place through the last months of 2018 will feature the same prizes as those held during the first period of 2019.

If you want to get the most from your miniature starfighters—and to forge deeper bonds with the X-Wing community—you'll want to attend one of these events!

More Details on the System Open Website

Fly faster and better than ever before!

You can find more details about the event structure and prizes at the X-Wing System Open events, as well as the list of upcoming events, on our X-Wing System Open website. Bookmark the page, and be sure to check back through the months as we continue to update our events and prizes!

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