A Call to Witness

A Letter from the Enigmatic Togashi Yokuni


No Great Clan is as mysterious as the Dragon. Guided by the cryptic visions of Togashi Yokuni, the Dragon’s motives are perplexing to the other clans of the Emerald Empire. Though their clan is traditionally isolationist, the Army of the Rising Wave has been seen marching through Lion Clan lands. To where are they marching? And what do they hope to achieve once they arrive?

Join us today for a letter from Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni, and the impact it will have at the 2018 Winter Court World Championship!

The letter details the plans of the Dragon Clan and can be found here (6.6 MB). After you’ve finished reading, continue on to discover the choice awaiting the Dragon at the 2018 Winter Court!

The Rising Wave

Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni has foreseen a series of events that will soon crash upon Rokugan. He has dispatched the Army of the Rising Wave, led by Mirumoto Hitomi and Togashi Mitsu, to Otosan Uchi in anticipation of such an occurrence. At the 2018 Winter Court World Championships, the top-performing Dragon player will be given the opportunity to choose what kind of samurai (by family) will respond directly to what Yokuni has foreseen. To offer guidance in the selection of a samurai for the task, here are brief summaries of what the different options signify.

  • If selected, a samurai of the Togashi Family observes the coming events to better understand their destiny.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Mirumoto Family secures Otosan Uchi against any potential threats.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Kitsuki Family investigates the intrigues of the Forbidden City.
  • If selected, a samurai of the Agasha Family delves into the darkness and mystical secrets within the Forbidden City.

How will the Dragon Clan react to what is to come, and why have they been sent to Otosan Uchi?

Prelude to Change

For too long, the Dragon have watched from afar in their mountains. The Dragon are moving on Otosan Uchi, and all of Rokugan will soon discover what the Dragon hope to accomplish, and what role they will play in the coming events…

Join us every Wednesday and Friday before Winter Court for more letters from our esteemed Clan Champions! 

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