10 October 2018 | KeyForge

Dawn of Discovery

Unlock the First Secrets of KeyForge Organized Play


"Gather that Æmber!"

Welcome to the Crucible!

You are an Archon, and the Crucible is your home—a world cobbled together from the fragments of countless other planets. A world populated by all manner of people, creatures, vegetation, cultures, and technology. A place where anything is possible. A world where conflict is inevitable.

As an Archon, you are one of the Crucible's only native residents. You can also count yourself among the most powerful and mysterious beings in all of existence. Other beings regard you nearly as a god. But you are neither omnipotent nor omniscient. In fact, many of the Crucible's greatest secrets lie just outside your grasp—locked away in hidden Vaults.

In KeyForge, the innovative Unique Deck Game by Richard Garfield, you have gathered supporters from the world's Houses, and you must collect Æmber to forge keys and open these hidden Vaults. Other Archons will try to stop you, and you will face them in battle… or you will elude them, racing for Æmber while avoiding their attacks.

Battle or race. Race or battle. The Æmber, the keys, and the secrets within the Crucible's hidden Vaults must be yours—and, now they can be—with KeyForge Organized Play!

KeyForge Organized Play is your key to all that the Crucible has to offer. It transports you to a world built from from the fragments of countless other planets. It helps you find more Æmber, more Vaults, and more ways to enjoy a game in which no two decks are the same.

Sound good? Of course it does! And you can get started before the game even releases!

  • November 10th — Select retailers will grant you entry to the Crucible with special PRE-LAUNCH EVENTS. Pick up your first decks, learn to play, and forge your first keys!
  • November 15th — Retailers everywhere will run LAUNCH PARTIES to celebrate the game's official release. Dive deeper into the game with three quick activites, each of which comes with its own rewards!
  • AND THEN… Immediately after the game's release, we enter the first full era of KeyForge Organized Play, an era of weekly gaming and monthly tournaments, an era that shal henceforth be known as…

Dawn of Discovery!!!

KeyForge is a game where no two decks are the same. Where there are countless formats and variants to explore. And it permits a vast range of experiences that take time to savor fully… There is an otherworldly beauty in the elegance of its mechanics. Players familiar with other card games may find the KeyForge metagame wholly strange and alien.

As the first age of Organized Play, the Dawn of Discovery focuses on the exploration, discovery, and enjoyment of different decks.

We want to give you time to sample the countless formats and variants and game experiences of which KeyForge Organized Play is comprised. We want you to dabble in different Houses, getting a sense for each. We want you to meander—at least once—through the game's many forested paths and hidden glades.

     …But Wait—There's MORE!

Even as KeyForge Organized Play offers you more ways to find Æmber, more Vaults to discover, and more ways to enjoy your decks, it's going to lead you into conflict with other Archons. They'll be drawn to the Crucible's hidden Vaults, as well, and looking to oppose you.

You'll have battles. Some fast and furious. Some epic. And some… EVEN MORE EPIC! And you'll have chances to prove your dominance in trials and championships and other top-level events, the details of which will be forthcoming, but are currently sealed within several locked Vaults on the KeyForge Organized Play website.

So for now, we'll focus less on conquering your opponents than on discovering your own latent powers. There will be time enough later for racing and battling… Only a Brobnar wants to smash everything, all the time.

What's that you ask? Are there prizes? Of course, there are prizes!

As we unlock the secrets of the different layers of KeyForge Organized Play, we'll certainly discover some of the game's myriad prizes as well.

      A World of Constant Discovery!

In KeyForge, each new deck is an entirely new play experience waiting to be savored. And that's why the game's Organized Play is opening with Pre-Launch Events, Launch Parties, and the Dawn of Discovery.

But remember… all of this is intended as a welcome to the Crucible. Eventually, the winds will shift. The skies will darken. The hosts of Dis will emerge from their subterranean lairs. The air will reverberate with distant Brobnar battle cries…

The Crucible is built of many things. KeyForge Organized Play is built of many things. Want to know what else is coming? Visit the KeyForge Organized Play website and stay tuned. This is only the first Vault of knowledge among many!

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