KeyForge Organized Play

We, your humble servants, welcome you to the KeyForge Organized Play website. We found it hidden amid the underbelly of this "Fantasy Flight Games" internet page, and we saw—O Archon—SO MANY VAULTS!!!


There are six Vaults (farther down the page), and though only one has been opened, we have reason to believe these will all lead you to even more Vaults. More chances to confront and defeat rival Archons. More ways to explore the Crucible for its Æmber. More insights into the forging of keys.

O Archon, we ask you (oh so humbly) that when you crack these Vaults open like so many rotten elkar snails that you will share your treasures with us. You see, O Archon, this "Organized Play" site promises all manner of treasures. We read this somewhere:

"Are there prizes? Of course, there are prizes!"

So we ask that when your mighty arms are so belaboured with the bounties of your conquests that you might drop some of them in our paths for us to snatch from the ground. But for now, O Fearless Leader…

The Vaults

What Mind-Bendingly Brilliant Insights Reside Within These Vaults?

*Hint: Click on them to find out!

The Ages of KeyForge

  • In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was no KeyForge. There were other card games, and they had Netdecking and Predictable Metas. They had countless options, but the "collective wisdom" of online whisperers saw those options reduced by to one-dozen or fewer. Players knew 90% of an opponent's card from the first card reveal.

And then there was KeyForge!

                                 Learn All About the Crazy, Beautiful, Mad Action of This Innovactive Unique Deck Game!

Before the game even releases, a number of Preview Events, introductory events, and Pre-Launch offer you an early portal to the Crucible—the world of KeyForge. There you can discover your first deck, trade, play, and enjoy new gaming experiences held within the blinding light of random algorithms, unknown deck lists, and metagame salvation!

  • Dawn of Discovery

Following the game's official release, the first months of KeyForge Organized Play shall henceforth be known as…

                                 the DAWN OF DISCOVERY!!!

This is a time to explore, discover, and enjoy a wide array of new decks, game modes, and variants. Hunt for Æmber. Meet other Archons. Battle other Archons. Win collectible prizes. This is your time to see what surprises the Crucible holds for you!

  • What Does the Future Hold?

After the Dawn of Discovery, there will be another age. For just as everything passes, the circuits of cybernetic life are always humming, and new data and new ages arrive to replace the secrets that were previously revealed and then lost to time…

What will be the Next Age of KeyForge Organized Play? Time will tell, as will our website. And Facebook and Twitter. Eventually. So stay tuned!

                                         #KeyForge #KeyForgeOP