5 September 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Dauntless Pathfinders

Introducing the Outland Scouts to Runewars Miniatures Game


Among the distant villages across the back country of Terrinoth, and in the untamed woods that separate the baronies, men and women rise to meet the call of the Daqan and do their part to hold the line against the rising darkness. These simple folk rarely join the regimented ranks of spearmen or knights, but many isolated hamlets owe their continued existence to the vigilance of these scouts, who stamp out small dangers without ever being seen or rally garrisons to fend off larger threats.

As dangers grow in the East, the lords of Terrinoth’s baronies must call in their forces from even the most distant villages. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release the Outland Scouts Unit Expansion for the Daqan of Runewars Miniatures Game!!

Independent Forces

These loose bands rarely have much in the way of higher organization, answering to the greater chain of command only when necessary. Generally referred to as “Outland Scouts” in the payrolls and mustering lists of the baronies, they do their best work when left to range independently. Scouts bear their own unique keyword that allows them to deploy after the “Deploy Units” step of setup. The scouts survey the battlefield and weigh their enemy’s position before enacting their own strategy. When this unit is deployed, they may perform any blue action and matching modifier. This gives a commander leading the Daqan the advantage of having their units respond to the enemy’s movement rather than anticipating their actions.

The Outland Scouts may be less renowned than the armies of the Daqan with their bright banners and shining armor, but they are no less vital to the defense of the realm. Even Kari Wraithstalker is rumored to have come from among their ranks. And like Kari, the scouts’ abilities rely on the use of surges. When the Outland Scouts participate in a melee, they roll two blue dice to offer them a high probability of finding two surge icons, which they can then spend to add a bonus hit.

Rallying Vanguard

When the horns of war are blown, the scouts join with the armies of the baronies, but they do not march alongside them. Instead, veterans of the band coordinate with other military leaders to develop patrols and scouting routes ahead of the armies’ main marching path. When battle is joined, it is rare to see such troops standing on the front lines, but they are always somewhere nearby, ready to lend their aid with a surprise assault on the enemy’s flanks or sabotage deep among their rearguard and supply train.

The Outland Scouts are unshakeable in battle. Their spirit makes them resistant to the banes spread by the undead forces of Waiqar the Undying. With a green shift one modifier, the Outland Scouts can perform a rally action without the risk of being preyed upon by a nearby enemy. This ability to slip away while still removing banes makes the Outland Lands frustrating opponents for members of the Undead Legion who depend on the ability to inflict ranged blight attacks, such as the Carrion Lancers or Reanimate Archers.

Experienced Outriders

This expansion comes with eight customizable miniatures, six tokens, and five available upgrade cards to help players customize their Daqan armies. These upgrades play on the Outland Scouts’ strengths: their spirit and ability to inspire their forces. When the scouts do not need to remove banes, they may use a rally action to gain inspiration tokens, then make efficient use of their forward knowledge with the  Know Your Enemy upgrade card. This allows a player controlling the Outland Scouts to spend one inspiration token to reroll one die during a melee. Additionally, this card allows the attached unit to receive an inspiration token as a unique surge action.

The Outland Scouts only become stronger with time, becoming trained militants who would proudly lay down their lives in defense of their home. A scout whose skill has been Forged in Battle may gain Precise 1 after the fourth round, and Brutal 1 after the sixth. Their lack of a formal military education does not prevent these tenacious warriors from becoming lethal on the field of battle. Their pride and desire to protect their realm give them a strength that the mindless undead can never hope to match.

Answer the Call

As Waiqar the Undying gathers his power in the Mistlands, the barons of Terrinoth will need to unite all their strength to defeat the dark lord and restore peace to their lands. Add the Outland Scouts to your ranks and protect the realm at all costs!

Look for the Outland Scouts Unit Expansion (RWM27) at local retailers or online in Q4 of 2017!

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