25 September 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Ethereal Enchantress

Maegan Cyndewin Leads the Latari


After watching the Uthuk Y’llan cut down her mortal mother, the half-elf Maegan Cyndewin swore vengeance on the forces of the Ynfernael. Alone in the world with nothing but her grief and loss, Maegan wandered the realms, desperate to learn to control her power and exact her revenge on the demon-tainted. After years of studying with teachers across the world, Maegan learned the dark truth of her lineage—how her father helped bring forth the very forces that murdered her mother—and she has sought redemption for the crimes of her bloodline ever since.

Now, despite those who still doubt her intentions, Maegan has risen to become a true hero and leader of the Latari. Armed with her martial skills and incomparable link to the arcane, Maegan Cyndewin leads the elves with kindness and strength. As you prepare your elven forces for battle, we offer you a closer look at the Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion for the Latari army of Runewars Miniatures Game!

Ties That Bind

Maegan Cyndewin is a master of the mystic arts and all manner of runes are at her disposal. The Latari hero bears the Lethal keyword equal to the number of natural energy runes in play, and the Protected keyword equal to the number of stable energy runes. Maegan also has a unique ability to pass her magic on to those who stand beside her on the battlefield. High Circle of Lithelin allows each infantry unit from the Latari to equip one upgrade from the Latari Elves with “Sorceress” in its name, in addition to its available upgrades. By simply adding Maegan Cyndewin to your ranks, you can supplment your mundane army with a cadre of deadly sorceresses.

Warrior Queen

Dedicating herself to redeeming her bloodline and purging the stain of the Ynfernael from her past, Maegan traveled across the word to increase her knowledge and power. The control and focus that the half-elf gained from her intense training shines in her command dial. Mobile as a leonx rider, Maegan Cyndewin has five blue actions that can be paired with another five blue modifiers in addition to two white modifiers. When attacking, she also has red melee and ranged attacks that can be paired with bonus surges. As a practiced martial leader, Maegan's initiatives fall between 3 and 7, letting her hold off long enough to learn the lay of battlefield, but never standing idle while others fight in her name.

Turning the Tide

The Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion includes two customizable miniatures, letting Maegan Cyndewin take the battlefield as either an infantry or cavalry unit. In addition to these detailed miniatures, this expansion includes a collection of tokens, terrain, objective and deployment cards, and six powerful upgrades. Among these, Maegan Cyndewin’s Arcane Mastery grants her an advantage when she finds herself surrounded by opponents. As a skill action, she chooses an enemy ranged between one and the number of unstable energy runes in play. That enemy receives one panic token. Next, she chooses an enemy ranged between one and the number of natural energy runes in play and removes one boon from that enemy. Finally, she chooses an enemy ranged between one and the number of stable energy runes in play. That enemy receives one stun token.

Maegan Cyndewin can spend four surges to inflict damage on the Uthuk Berserkers and Spined Thresher!

This elven caster is every bit as powerful as her magically inclined rivals in the other three factions, and she takes great pride in showing her skill on the battlefield. Maegan Cyndewin ’s upgrade card can be applied to either a melee or ranged attack and the attack itself offers the forest sorceress two options. If luck is in the Latari’s favor and their connection to the earth is strong, the attack may gain the Lethal keyword equal to the number of natural energy runes on the battlefield. Otherwise, she can deal one damage for every surge spent to each enemy ranged from one to the number of unstable runes in play. This makes Maegan particularly deadly when pitted against the Uthuk Y’llan who often rely on these same runes to increase their speed or demonic power. The Latari’s hero can tap into the same arcane connection as the locust swarm and use it against them, proving that good will always triumphs over evil.

For Redemption, For Glory

Add Maegan Cyndewin to your forces. Lead you people with wisdom, diplomacy, and magic powerful enough to make even the Uthuk cower before you!

Pre-order the Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion (RWM19) at your local retailer!

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