18 September 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Forest Guardians

Previewing the Aymhelin Scions of Runewars Miniatures Game


The Loremasters sing of the first sentient trees of the Aymhelin awakening shortly after the arrival of the elves, roused from the slumber of newborns by the most ancient songs of the Latari. The elves stirred some unknown joy in the mysterious hearts of the forest, giving movement to the roots and boughs and trunks of the woods. The elves became enamored of these Finwalyn, or forest children, whose beauty instilled in the Latari hope that not all was lost after their fall.

Now, as threats arise in the realm of Terrinoth, the Latari must leave the safety of Aymhelin behind to defend the land. When they do so, they will take the strength of the forest itself with them and unleash nature’s fury upon their foes. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a closer look at the Aymhelin Scions Unit Expansion for the Latari Elves Army Expansion of Runewars Miniatures Game!

Gripping Vines

The Aymhelin Scions’ thick bark is strong enough to withstand weapons of steel, stones, and bone. The many limbs and roots of the Aymhelin Scions offer them the unique ability to catch any enemy who gets too close, cutting off their hope of escape. When the Scions collide with an enemy or an enemy collides with them, that enemy receives one immobilize token. With the low cost of 14 for one unit, the Aymhelin Scions are the easiest siege units to field in all of Terrinoth. They also have the choice of three available upgrade types, even if a player only sends out two of the forest guardians.

The Scions’ strength comes from their arcane link to the environment, with a defense equal to the number of stable energy runes in play plus one. When put on the offensive, these devastating Deepwood defenders roll one red and one blue die when participating in a ranged attack, and one red and two blue dice in a melee. This offers them a high probability of rolling two surge icons that they can spend to inflict one stun token on an opponent, thereby limiting their movement without the use of their modifiers.

Steady as Sunlight

During times of great need, Elven wealdcallers will expedite the process of the Scions’ awakenings by singing songs of movement and the dawn. On their first steps after awakening, the Scions’ power is erratic as they grow wild and unchecked. Over the course of ages, these saplings will mature into lumbering giants of great of strength and size, and even greater of prowess in battle.

The Aymehlin Scions are incredibly versatile, with the ability to either engage enemies in devastating melees, or use their deep roots to perform ranged attacks. They may not have the speed of the Leonx Riders, but their movement is steady and deliberate with initiatives falling between three and six. Their link to nature also influences their movement—the Deepwood defenders’ earliest movement action corresponds directly to the number of natural energy runes on the battlefield. If luck is with the Latari, the Scions’ movement, and their enemy’s retribution, will be swift.

Taking Root

The Aymhelin Scions Unit Expansion includes two unpainted Scion figurines and two siege movement trays to house them. Players who add these forces to their army may choose to customize them with the characteristics of the season, or of the region where they first awoke. The deep red of the Bloodwood is evident in the leaves and bark of the Bloodwood Scions who are said to drink the blood of downed allies through their roots to enact vengeance upon their foes. Conversely, on the edges of Lithelin itself grows one of the most beautiful and rare groves of the Scions. Beneath the peaceful boughs of the Aymhelin, their whitewood almost seems to glow in the starlight.

In addition to these figurines, this expansion includes a collection of tokens and eight available upgrade cards to strengthen your Latari army. The Scions may take hold of enemies with their Vicious Roots as either a melee or ranged attack. If the defender is at range 1-3, a player commanding the Latari may discard the card and receive one immobilize token. If he or she does so, the defender discards all boons and then receives one immobilize token. The Scions’ can also take advantage of their high wound threshold with the use of Cursed Signets.  This upgrade allows the Scions to suffer wounds in place of banes. If there are a high number of stable energy runes in play to strengthen the Scion’s defense, this upgrade can keep the saplings fighting while still keeping them at a relatively low risk.

A Powerful Alliance

Should the forces of darkness choose to threaten the Latari, they had best be prepared to confront the fury of nature itself. When Aymhelin Scions arise to defend their Elven brothers and sisters, nothing can stand in the way of their victory!

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