11 September 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Sorceress of the Blood Coven

Introducing Kethra A'laak to Runewars Miniatures Game


The witch Kethra A’laak stands apart from all others within the swarm. Although sworn to the Blood Coven which taught her, great and terrible ambitions burn within her, and her elevation into the coven has only strengthened her dreams of conquest and glory. Considered unpredictable by many of her peers, Kethra’s ruthlessness is not out of place amidst the sisterhood of the Blood Coven.

Now as the battle for Terrinoth pitches the realm into chaos, Kethra A’laak sees her opportunity to seize power and take her place as the ruler of the locust swarm. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Kethra A’laak Hero Expansion for the Uthuk Army of Runewars Miniatures Game!

Burdened with Great Purpose

Kethra was marked by the Gore Claws tribe as a witch while still very young, and cast into a series of trials alongside numerous other would-be apprentices. Kethra fed each of her rivals to the Ynfernael one by one, spilling their blood and offering up their souls, until her pledge of service to the demonic powers was answered. The dark forces gifted her with unnatural strength, allowing her to roll two white dice when participating in a melee.

Her incomparable link to the Ynfernael makes Kethra the most skilled witch to ever join the ranks of the Blood Coven. She is ruthless in her use of blood magic and will sacrifice any living soul, whether they be an enemy or ally, to increase her own power. As a skill action, Kethra may choose an ally and roll one white die. That ally and each enemy at range 1-2 of that ally suffers wounds equal to the hit result.

Wandering Witch

Kethra A’laak is known to travel among different territories to sow the seeds of discord among witches in the Ru Darklands. She moves whenever and however she chooses—with an incredible seven blue actions on her command tool and four blue modifiers her adaptability is unrivaled upon the field. She stays long enough to stir rivalries between covens, then slips away before any retribution can befall her. But should a jealous sister of the Blood Coven attempt to confront her, Kethra has a red melee action that can be paired with either a surge modifier to strengthen her arcane abilities, or with a mortal strike.

The sorceress’s dark gifts from the Ynfernael also serve her well in combat. In battle, Kethra rides into the fray atop her powerful flesh ripper. Unlike most of its volatile breed, the demon seems to serve its master willingly, as if it recognizes a superior predator by instinct. The speed of these demons is unmatched in the mortal realm and offers its rider initiatives that fall at almost any time in the round, between two and eight.

Mistress of Blood Magic

The Kethra A’laak Hero Expansion includes two customizable figurines, one of Kethra alone and the other of her riding her loyal flesh ripper, Hurokk. In addition, this pack includes a collection of new unique tokens, terrain, and upgrade cards. Kethra may use the skills she gained in her years of training to enact her Bonecaster upgrade. This unique upgrade, specific to Kethra A’laak, allows the witch to perform her melee as a ranged attack. When used alongside her surge modifier, Kethra can use this ranged melee to inflict two damage on her opponent without the need of dice and without putting herself at risk.

Kethra can also tap into her ties with the Ynfernael to gain Dragonjaw Focus for herself or any of her Uthuk allies. As a skill action, the caster of this upgrade chooses an enemy between range 1 and the number of unstable runes on the battlefield, and draws one morale card. The player commanding the Uthuk may then have the chosen enemy suffer the effects of that card. However, the price of this blood magic is that the caster also suffers from the card’s effects. Additionally, after a player resolves this, they may perform another of their skill actions. This allows the Uthuk commander to deal damage to their enemy without reducing any of their attack options.

Scheming Sorceress

If the witch has her way, all shall serve her or drown in blood. With Kethra A’laak in your ranks, nothing can stand between you and total domination!

Preorder the Kethra A’laak Hero Expansion (RWM29) at your local retailer or on our website here!

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