7 August 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

New Warfare Regulations

New Runewars Miniatures Tournament Regulations Are Now Available


Runewars Miniatures Game  Tournament Regulations are now online! These tournament regulations are a regularly updated document detailing the ins and outs of a Runewars Miniatures Game tournament, from how an organizer should prepare to what a player should bring, this document contains everything you need to run or attend an event. Download the Runewars Miniatures Game Tournament Regulations now to see them for yourself!


Download the new tournament regulations or the text-only version by clicking on the images above.
This document is effective immediately.


As Runewars Miniatures Game grows, we will update the tournament regulations to help organizers run better events and prepare players for what to expect when attending those events.

All rules documents and support materials for Runewars Miniatures Game can be found on our Runewars Miniatures Game page.

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