14 August 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Dread Cavalry

The Death Knights Ride in to Trample the Enemies of Waiqar the Undying


Among of the most renowned and feared of the forces of Waiqar the Undying are the infamous Death Knights—a unit of undead veteran warriors mounted upon vampiric steeds born from the Mistlands. Death Knights are dangerous foes of the living, their tormented spirits overcome with an intense jealousy for the free will of mortals. To many Death Knights, the act of slaughter is more than just obeying orders—it is the only way they can express their hatred for those not cursed with undeath.

Before you unleash your deadly forces upon the world of Terrinoth, Fantasy Flight Games offers you a closer look at the Death Knights Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

Merciless Assailants

Unencumbered by morality or compassion, Death Knights will go beyond the acts of even the cruelest living mercenary or warlord in the pursuit of victory. Whether it's cutting down innocents to affect enemy morale or raiding villages simply to force liege lords to spread out their forces, the Death Knights make little distinction between warrior and bystander; all who draw breath are as lambs to the slaughter.

Misery is sure to befall any soldier who find themselves beneath the hooves of this dark cavalry. Their assault is relentless, with a wide variety of march actions that can fall at almost any time during the round and two impact modifiers to force their enemies into a melee and wreak havoc upon the living. The Death Knights’ command dial also includes a mortal strike modifier that they can attach to a melee attack, guaranteeing their deadly impact upon the enemies of Waiqar the Undying. When used in combination with an upgrade such as Column Tactics,  these undead warriors are nothing short of devastating on the battlefield.

Inescapable Horsemen

The powerful Death Knights are fearsome to face in battle. The riders are kept alive through the use of dark magic, an arcane link reflected on their unit card. The Death Knights’ Impact is directly linked to the number of stable energy runes on the field. This keyword states that when the Death Knights collide with an enemy, that enemy receives panic tokens equal to the number of stable energy runes in play.

The Death Knights impact with the Deepwood Archers and inflict two panic tokens!

In addition to this potentially devastating ability, the Death Knights also have the Steadfast [Fear] keyword which allows them to treat Fear cards as having one additional morale icon during a morale test. The undead warriors do not understand fear; all they know is their desire to ravage and destroy. Once the knights chase down an enemy and lock them into a melee, their victory is all but certain. When attacking, the Death Knights roll a total of three dice, one blue and two red, to increase their chance to deal devastating blows. 

Refined Savagery

This expansion includes five available upgrade cards to help the Death Knights increase their strength even further. A player commanding the undead cavalry may choose to equip their riders with the Shield of Margath,  a fearful shield that not only protects the soldier who bears it, but also harms whomever strikes against it. This upgrade allows the Death Knights to inflict damage upon an enemy equal to their defense when defending against a melee. With the cavalry's defense value of three, they can cut through an army of the men or elves with little resistance.

The Death Knights Unit Expansion includes another dangerous item in the dark riders’ arsenal with Obcasium's Gauntlet.  The Death Knights may exhaust this card in order to give the defender in a melee the rare “Death’s Grasp” condition. When an enemy of Waiqar is caught in Death’s Grasp, they suffer wounds equal to the number of stable energy runes in play before each End Phase. If there are a large number of these runes in play, the Death Knights can destroy even high impact units, including even the Daqan’s foolish hero Lord Hawthorne, with a minimal amount of risk to the forces of the undead.

Conquering Cavalry

Now that Waiqar the Undying has regained his strength, his terrifying forces can leave the safety of their hidden kingdom and claim their rightful place as rulers of Terrinoth. As the army of the undead emerges from the Mistlands, the Death Knights will lead the assault with pride and revel in the ecstasy of destruction.

Assemble your undead cavalry. Stampede across the fields of Terrinoth and make the worthless mortals quake with fear!

Look for the Death Knights Unit Expansion (RWM21) online or at your local retailer in Q3 of 2017!

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