24 July 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Pinnacle of Precision

Previewing the Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game


"No amount of cunning can save an enemy from the perfect shot."
 - Old Latari saying

Whether raining death upon their enemies or providing pin-point accurate covering fire for their allies, the Deepwood Archers stand as a true testament of Latari skill. Their tremendous accuracy allows them a wide variety of tactics on the field of battle, giving them the edge in protecting allies or laying enemies low. As dangers rise in the East, the Deepwood Archers will need every ounce of cunning learned over centuries of refining their skills to defend their home of the Aymhelin and restore peace to the Realm.

Before your elven forces take to the battlefield, Fantasy Flight is pleased to offer you a closer look at the Latari’s Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

Deadly Deftness

No other race can spend the time the Latari Elves dedicate to honing their craft, making these warriors the undisputed masters of bow. The careful study of the Deepwood Greatbow is more than just a discipline: it is a way of life. Once committed to the Path of the Arrow, these archers train until their bow is an extension of their hand and their arrow an extension of their eye. Centuries may seem to pass as swiftly as the seasons, but the Latari feel that no amount of time will be enough to completely master their craft.

The Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion includes five upgrade cards, six tokens, and eight unpainted miniatures that allow players to don their archers in the colors of any of the many Latari factions. On the outskirts of Latari territory, the Bloodwood Archers wear deep red to match both the scarlet trees of their home and the tattoos that connect them to their elders. Within the Aymhelin, the stealthy Deepwood Rangers shroud themselves in the colors of night with deep purple and blue, while the Starplain Guardians who protect the capital city of Lithelin bear the white and light blue of the open sky.

Elusive Bowmen

The Deepwood Archers’ bow skills are unmatched by any other force in Terrinoth. They keep to the shadows of the trees, attacking from a distance and evading before the enemy can lock their sights on them. When making a ranged attack, the archers may spend two unique surges to perform a speed-1 shift in any direction after the assault, provided they are not locked in combat with an enemy. Additionally, the intense training practices passed down through the millennia that all Deepwood Archers must adhere to provides each unit with the Precise 1 keyword. This allows the player controlling the archers to treat their attacking dice roll as if they have one additional full rank of trays.

Like the rest of their Latari comrades, the Deepwood Archers are incredibly mobile. They constantly confound the enemy by remaining just one step out of reach. Masters of evasion, the Archers’ command tool allows them to constantly turn, reform, and shift to avoid direct combat with the enemy, while still attacking at a distance. And when the Archers do attack, their modifier dial provides them with a bonus surge that they can spend alongside their dice roll.

Forest Fortifications

In addition to the eight elven figurines, this expansion also comes with a variety of upgrade cards to enhance the strength of your archers. The Deepwood Archers are quick to answer the call to arms with a cost of seventeen for two trays and a wide variety of available upgrades that grow with the number of archers on the battlefield. These upgrades see the Latari drawing great power from the natural world surrounding them. This connection is embodied by Hunter's Guile,  which states that when participating in a ranged or melee attack, the player may replace one of their dice with a white die if they can spot overgrown terrain between range one and the number of natural energy rune tokens on the field. This upgrade also bolsters the Deepwood Archers with the Overgrow 1 keyword, making the likelihood of that occur all the more frequent.

It's no secret that the Deepwood Archers specialize in ranged attacks. However, if a player ever finds themselves locked in close quarters combat with the enemy, they may wish to equip the Pathwalker's Amulet to balance their strengths in combat. The archers may discard this upgrade card to gain the Protected keyword for the duration of the attack. This may provide the archers with enough defense to destroy the enemy they face, or hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive, such as the swift Leonx Riders or the immense Aymhelin Scions.

Shield the Aymhelin

Take aim with the Deepwood Archers and defend the Aymhelin at all costs!

Look for the Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion (RWM16) to be available in-store or online in Q4 of 2017!

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