13 July 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Stone Sentries

The Rune Golems Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game Is Now Available


Kell inherited the legendary Rune Golems from ages long past to defend the quiet land of Terrinoth. The sleeping behemoths have kept a patient watch over the Realm, awaiting the day when the people would again call for them, and they would rise to their defense once more. Now after centuries of peace, evil stirs in the Ru Darklands. Rumor of deathly hosts emerging from the cold mists to the northwest and grotesque warbands gathering in the unforgiving east lend such reports a dire urgency. The time has come to awaken the mighty golems and stand against the coming storm...

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce that the Rune Golems Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game is now available!

Mighty Sleepers

Scattered beneath ruins and in the deep vaults of Terrinoth’s strongholds are hulking stone figures carved in the likeness of men. They are the golems, unknown to all but the barons and the Runemasters of Greyhaven. No one knows when they were crafted or by whom, but they lay in wait until, in times of need, the sorcerers of Terrinoth use ancient rites to awaken the Golems from their slumber. When a golem is awakened, bright energy glows through the arcane channels in its surface and the giant strides forth like a mighty rampart given the will and strength to fight.

The Rune Golems Unit Expansion comes with two distinct Golem figures that players can paint to fit their own tastes, reflecting the rune energy that brought the stone sentry to life. Legend has it that elemental runes may also impart some of their nature to the golem’s temperament: aggression for fire, stoicism for ice, or cleverness for lightning.

Arcane Assault

Once fully empowered, these rocky titans are nearly unmatched in their ferocity and raw strength, scything their massive blades through the enemy’s infantry and cavalry with ease. With a cost of seventeen points for one, full battlefield formations of rune golems are rare, but they are devastating in the extreme.

These brutal, high-impact units are the most arcane-intuitive creatures of the Runewars universe. On the battlefield, the Rune Golems rely on runes for their movement and their attack modifier. The runes in play during a battle also determine the effectiveness of the golem’s ability. As a skill ability, Rune Golems may inflict stun tokens equal to the number of stable energy tokens in play. This is complemented by the golem’s command tool modifier that allows them to add one stable energy when participating in a skill or melee attack.

The stone giants also use stable energy to enhance their Brutal keyword. Each stable energy token on the battlefield increases the golem’s threat by one. Beyond these tokens, figurines, unit card, and command dial, the Rune Golem Unit Expansion comes equipped with eight available upgrade cards to bolster the Rune Golem’s defenses as they stand against the forces of evil.

Protect the Realm

Terrinoth’s sentries will stop at nothing to destroy the enemies that threaten the Daqan, and then return to their hidden slumber until called upon again. Awaken the Rune Golems and protect the Realm from the crushing tide of darkness!

Look for the Rune Golems Unit Expansion (RWM04) at your local retailer or online today!

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