10 July 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

The Latari's Finest

Previewing the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit


The Latari Elves have long been renowned throughout Terrinoth for their swift, harmonious combat style on the battlefield, but for an age they have kept to their home of the Deepwood, hidden from the dangers of the outside world. Now as the forces of evil stir in the mists and the Ru Darklands, the Latari must leave the safety of the Deepwood and push back the rising tide of malevolence once more. The elves will look to their champions for leadership, their musicians for guidance, their banners for courage, and their storm sorceresses for the power of the skies themselves.

With four new miniatures and eighteen upgrade cards, players can now fortify their Elven infantry to prepare for the oncoming storm. Before the Latari take to the battlefield, Fantasy Flight Games offers you a look at the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!


If each martial order represents a branch of a great tree, it is through their great champions that the Latari connect to the roots. To become Etharyon champions, the Latari must prove themselves to be a beacon of light to their warriors, leading them through darkness. Some travel between the great Latari tribes, challenging worthy opponents to duels of skill and strength. Some protect their homes from terrible danger, earning both the glory of the title and the gratitude of their people.

On the field, Latari champions are quick to launch a counter-offensive, using their opponents' spent momentum against them. After defending against a melee, an Avenger of Latariana may exhaust an upgrade card to perform an attack if their command dial has not been revealed. If the champion uses this ability, a player commanding the Latari must reveal their command tool and they cannot activate during the round. This allows the champion to punish any enemy foolish enough to threaten their people, and outside their anticipated initiative order.


Skill-at-arms is hardly the only art form honored by the warriors of the Latari. Music and song lie at the heart of Latari culture, whether heard through the leaves of the Deepwood or upon the field of battle. The songs of Latari starlings bolster the hearts of their comrades—while some notes can increase the strength of an Elven warrior, others can clear the minds of those locked in battle, and as certain melodies recount the tales of battles past, they can cue a unit to perform a specific tactic.

To boost the strength of their unit, the Rallying Starling may choose to use a skill to either remove a bane or ready one upgrade card for every ally between range one and three. Meanwhile, the Tactical Starling prevents the Latari Elves from receiving panic tokens when disengaging from enemies. The musicians of the Latari are a vital component of their military, binding warriors to the culture that they defend and bringing hope to the most despairing battles.


Whether trained in bow, sword, or spear, all Latari units learn to fight as one cohesive whole. At the head of their ranks stand the Latari Heralds. The banners of the Latari fly not only as a warning to enemies, but as a promise to themselves to remember the Path they all must tread. It is this faith in their cause that allows the Latari to stand strong against the darkness.

The Latari’s adaptable heralds rely on the Elves’ connection to the land for their power. A Greenwatch Herald may exhaust their upgrade card while to grant a reroll to an attacking ally at range one to the number of natural energy rune tokens on the battlefield from overgrown terrain is attacking. In addition to this ability, a player commanding the herald may place one overgrowth token at range three to five of their unit after deployment. Abilities treat this token as overgrown terrain, even if the card is exhausted. Thus, heralds claim the field of combat and give their comrades the edge.

Storm Sorceress

Harnessing the raw power of nature, Latari storm sorceresses are as honored among their soldiers as they are feared among their enemies. With the force of a mighty storm, these sorceresses can call forth bolts of lighting, assailing enemies at nearly impossible distances and electrocuting warriors inside their own metal armor. At the same time, the sorceresses can shield their allies from enemy arrow fire with torrents of wind and rain.

Storm sorceresses are in tune with the wild and use the natural world to power their attacks and aide their allies. During battle, a Verdant Sorceress may choose an ally located near overgrown terrain, at a range from one to the number of natural energy runes on the battlefield. As a skill, that ally may remove bane tokens up to the number of natural energy runes. The sorceress’ spiritual connection makes them almost unshakable on the battlefield and they lend that strength to their allies. The unity of the Latari forces makes them fearsome to behold.

Defend the Deepwood

The return of ancient dangers means that the elves can no longer stand idly by as Terrinoth comes under attack. But with the ranks of the Latari Infantry at your command, you just may be able to ensure the safety of the Realm once more.

Look for the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion (RWM15) online or at your local retailer in Q3 of 2017!

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