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Announcing the Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game


Paragons of disciplined training and wielders of some of the most sophisticated military weaponry available, the heavy crossbowmen of the Daqan Lords represent one of the greatest defensive forces in Terrinoth. Armed with specially designed bulwark shields and heavy crossbows, these warriors can withstand even the fiercest hail of enemy fire while unleashing their own torrent of death. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

Proficiency with the crossbow is not enough to qualify for a heavy crossbow unit, as only the largest and most physically imposing men and women have the great strength and stamina required to reload the crossbows and wield the thick wood and iron shields that complete these warriors’ arsenal. These bulwark shields are designed to withstand vicious attacks from axe and arrow alike while still allowing a large crossbow to rest securely on its edge, mitigating any compromise to accuracy. These shields were designed to provide the protection an archer shooting from a tower’s bulwark would have, while allowing for mobility on the field.

Whether motivated by duty or coin, Heavy Crossbowmen are integral to defending the Land of Steel from the forces of darkness at its borders.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

The Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion comes with eight Heavy Crossbowmen Plastic Figures and two plastic infantry movement trays, allowing players to add a two-tray unit to their Daqan Lords forces in battles for Terrinoth.

Crossbowmen are one of the deadlier forces in Terrinoth, with their signature weapon piercing through their foes defenses. Their unit ability allows for two unique surges to be used to add a mortal strike to their ranged attack if the defender is at range 1-3. They are also protected by a large shield, making them the first Daqan Lords unit to include the “protected” keyword, which removes one damage from the damage pool whenever the Heavy Crossbowmen are assigned hits!

The Heavy Crossbowmen add a ranged threat to the armies of the Daqan, with a ranged attack that can be modified by an additional surge for use with upgrades or the Heavy Crossbowmen’s unit ability. If needed, the Heavy Crossbowmen can also engage in melee combat. Though they roll less dice for a melee attack, it can be modified by a red hit symbol, ensuring at least one hit is assigned to their target.

Swift Movement

The Heavy Crossbowmen also have a swathe of movement actions available to them. Their green options allow for quick shift and reform actions, allowing them to get into the perfect position for their ranged attacks. Their blue dial options allow for a speed one or two march, which can be modified by a charge, turn, or wheel, giving them a degree of versatility in their movement. The Heavy Crossbowmen also feature a white one-speed march modifier on their dial, ensuring they can constantly advance, regardless of the action they take.

The Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion also comes with five upgrade cards to further customize your Daqan armies. Piercing Strike synergizes well with the Heavy Crossbowmen, allowing them to either reduce a target's defense to a minimum of two, or permanently discard the upgrade to add a mortal strike to their current attack. Combined with the Heavy Crossbowmen’s unit ability, a particularly devastating attack could see two mortal blows delivered to a unit that completely circumvents their defenses.

By discarding the Piercing Strike upgrade and using two surge symbols to trigger their unit ability, the Heavy Crossbowmen add two mortal strikes to their ranged attack!

Ranged Cover

The ranged reinforcements have arrived for the Daqan Lords, and no matter what banner they wave, they are sure to incite fear in all who oppose the mighty baronies.

Ready your attack and purchase the Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion (RWM20) from your local retailer when it hits shelves in the third quarter of 2017. 

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