Hero of the Daqan

Preview the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game


Across the land of Terrinoth, few have more valor than the courageous Lord Hawthorne. Famed for driving away a horde of barbarians led by the evil Ankaur Maro from his village, Lord Hawthorne rides his mighty mount into battle, slashing down all those who would stand against the might of the Daqan Lords. With the finest soldiers of Daqan at his back, Lord Hawthorne leads the charge against those that threaten the free baronies of Terrinoth.

Today, we’re previewing the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game, which introduces the Lord Hawthorne hero to the Daqan Lords.

Raise Your Sword

The enemies of Daqan tremble at the mere sight of Lord Hawthorne—his speed, reach, and inspiring presence are unparalleled on the field of battle. The Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion includes two different figures for Lord Hawthorne to add to your Daqan army, a mounted and unmounted version, as well as six upgrade cards.

During a melee attack, Lord Hawthorne can spend two surges to receive an inspiration token, which helps fight off harmful Bane tokens. He can also extend this gift to all friendly figures within range 1-3 with his special modifier. Furthermore, after a melee attack, Lord Hawthorne may perform additional melee attacks against opponents that have yet to be targeted during his activation. Combined with his “Brutal 1” keyword, which increases his threat, Lord Hawthorne looks to cut a swathe through any foe that dare even approach him.


Even those who keep their distance are not safe from Lord Hawthorne’s steadfast attacks. With the  Sweeping Strikes  upgrade, Lord Hawthorne's front edge is considered touching the front edge of all enemies at range 1 during a melee attack. This allows Lord Hawthorne’s myriad of melee attacks to have a larger number of targets, while keeping him safe from retaliation.

With the Sweeping Strikes Upgrade, Lord Hawthorne's front edge is treated as touching the front edge of all enemy units at range one.

With careful planning, Lord Hawthorne can attack multiple targets a turn, and when you upgrade him with his legendary sword,  The Dawnblade,  Lord Hawthorne will get the most he can out of his melee attacks. With every surge spent during a melee attack, Lord Hawthorne deals damage to an engaged enemy equal to his threat. This does not have to be the same enemy Lord Hawthorne is attacking, allowing him to spread out his damage, or focus on one foe.

With the Dawnblade upgrade, Lord Hawthorne can spend surges to deal damage to an engaged enemy equal to his threat. In this attack roll, he tears through the Reanimate Archers Unit with a massive eight damage.

On the defensive end, the Lord Hathorne Hero Expansion comes with several upgrades to protect the valiant hero. Might of Daqan  adds an additional defense to Lord Hawthorne, making wounds tough to stick.

Meanwhile,  Shield of Margath  allows Lord Hawthorne to deal damage to opponents performing a melee attack against him equal to his defense, adding on to his already potent damage potential. 

Lord Hawthorne's command dial offers plenty of mobility and attack options.

Lord Hawthorne’s command tool also affords him some valuable options. His high-speed march actions allow him to quickly make his way across the battlefield, and these can even be modified to add two additional speed to his movement. Lord Hawthorne also has two different versions of a melee attack, a red that can be modified with a hit and a yellow that can be modified with a special modifier symbol for use with upgrades or placing inspiration tokens on nearby forces with his own ability.

The Glory of Daqan

With the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion, your Daqan forces will be led by one of the most inspiring figures in Terrinoth. With his ability to engage multiple foes with ease, Lord Hawthorne is an imposing figure on the batttlefield.

Lead your forces into battle wiith the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion (RWM06) from your local retailer when it hits stores in the third quarter of 2017.

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