18 May 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Undead Reinforcements

The Waiqar Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game Is Available Now


The forces of Waiqar the Undying come in many forms and take many shapes. Though they all serve their master faithfully, some perform their work through swords and blades, others through the art of necromancy. Still others rally the hordes of undead around them, keeping the rhythm of armies with sinister percussion or heralding the destruction of all who stand in their way as standard bearers.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Waiqar Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game is available now!

With four new figures and eighteen new upgrade cards, the Waiqar Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion offers plenty of ways to customize your Runewars Miniatures Game armies while bolstering the forces of Waiqar the Undying.

The Dread Standard Bearer strikes fear into all who catch a glimpse of Waiqar’s banner, the devastating Champion leads his units into ferocious battle, the rhythmic drummer keeps Waiqar’s armies in order, and the feared Necromancer ensures the fight is never over.

The Forces of Waiqar

The undead legions of Waiqar the Undying are no mere mindless skeletal warriors. Each cursed soldier has spent lifetimes on the battlefield, honing their tactics and skills. These champions, raised using the essence of the fallen death knights, retain a measure of the legendary martial prowess wielded by their progenitor. Enhance your infantry units with a champion like the Executioner to strike fear into your foes.

To convey ancient battle plans, skeletal drummers beat the steady, inexorable march of the Sunderlands. It is said their grim kettle drums incorporate the ancient remains of the legionnaires who did not follow Waiqar against the wizard Timmorran. Keep your army in line with the rhythm of the Tactical Drummer to have complete control over your forces.

The gaunt standard-bearers further assist in keeping the ranks of Waiqar organized by providing a point of focus for the Reanimates’ simple perception. Many of the banners are mouldering remnants first hoisted in the battles of an earlier age. Others are the personal devices of Waiqar’s more prideful or obstinate lieutenants. Spread the rot of Waiqar’s forces with bearers like the Blighted Vexillum Bearer to overrun your enemies.

Necromancers stalk the ranks of Waiqar the Undying’s army, raising the fallen to fight again in the name of their lord. Some may yet be mortal, carrying out their grudges against the society that spurned them or discounted their abilities. Others may be as old as Waiqar—ancient sorcerers afflicted by the same black curse that struck down and raised up the rest of his army at the Tower of Meringyr. Regardless of their origins, these dark servants, like the Deathcaller,  ensure that Waiqar’s forces are bolstered every time they slaughter an opposing force.

For a full preview of the destruction these infantry upgrades bring to the battlefield, click here.

An Unstoppable Force

With the Champion, Standard Bearer, Drummer, and Necromancer infantry upgrades, no army is safe from the endless march of the forces of Waiqar.

Raise the dead and pick up the Waiqar Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion (RWM10) from your local retailer today.

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