28 April 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Heroes of the Latari

Latari Leaders Command in Runewars Miniatures Game


As the battle for Terrinoth rages on, it will take more than swords and bows to defeat those who threaten the Latari Elves' way of life. Fortunately, new heroes and inspiring leaders climb through the ashes of war to lead their armies to victory. The fearsome sorceress Maegan Cyndewin uses powerful magical abilities to devastate foes, while brave soldiers command their units as Champions, Storm Sorceresses, Starlings, and Heralds.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce two upcoming expansions for Runewars Miniatures Game, the Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion and the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion, both of which are designed to enhance your Latari Elves forces with powerful allies.

The Sorceress of Fury

Those who have seen the power of Lady Maegan Cyndewin’s sorcery and the influence she wields as consort to the king would never guess at her humble birth. Sired by a mysterious Elven father and a human mother far beyond the boughs of the Aymhelin, blood and birthplace both marked Maegan an outsider. Maegan’s father belonged to the Daewyl tribe, the ancient enemy of the Latari, and her mother was a child of the Loth Caara, a human tribe with ancient ties to the Elves. Her parents’ brief union was the fruit of prophecy: they had both seen a vision that any child born to them would be destined to one day rule the Elven people from the white throne of Caelcira.

Even her most ardent detractors cannot deny Maegan’s might in battle. Using her incredible talent for sorcery and aided by the power of Malcorne’s Bequest, Lady Cyndewin is a terrible sight to behold on the field of battle. She can call down powerful storms, raging winds, and burning rain on her foes with pinpoint accuracy. Few sorcerers can hope to stand up to her in single combat, making her would-be assassins resort to more subtle means to end what they see as a Daewyl threat.

The Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion comes with one cavalry plastic figure, an infantry plastic figure, as well as new terrain, objective, and deployment cards. Six upgrade cards are also included in the expansion, offering you even more ways to customize your army.

The fearsome sorceress is one of the deadliest units in Runewars Miniatures Game—not only does she roll four dice during a melee attack, but her special ability allows a player to spend surges for additional damage to figures around the defender using the power of unstable energy. Cyndewin doesn't just specialize in unstable energy, however, all three types of runes are at her disposal. Natural energy symbols will increase her damage output with the lethal keyword, while stable energy will reduce incoming hits. With her powerful magic, Maegan Cyndewin will be a powerful force on the battlefield no matter which runes are cast.

The upgrade cards included in the Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion synergize well with the sorceress’ abilities. For example, Malcorne's Bequest allows you to recast one energy token with active or inactive unstable runes, then the upgrade can be exhausted to recast one additional energy token. This allows you to maximize Maegan’s abilities by providing a second chance to cast the runes she needs to be successful.

Children of the Forest

Beneath the wild guise of the leather- and bone-clad Latari warriors lies an army more skilled and disciplined than any that has marched across Mennara. Fierce and brave, the Latari Elves charge headlong into battle, seemingly oblivious to the dangers ahead. To outsiders, such fearlessness appears antithetical to disciplined tactics, but in truth, the leaders of the Latari forces execute complex strategies honed from centuries of knowledge and experience.

The Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion includes four new figures to be added to infantry units, as well as eighteen upgrade cards. The Latari Elves Champion, Storm Sorceress, Starling, and Herald figures can be used as upgrades for other infantry units, and provide powerful effects to defeat those who would stand against the Latari.

Each of these figures enhances your Latari Elves Army. For example, you may upgrade your Deepwood Archers with a Verdant Sorceress for three points, allowing the ranged experts to use their special modifier to rid nearby units of harmful bane tokens, provided they are within a range of overgrown terrain equal to the number of natural energy runes on the field. This not only allows the archers to dish out consistent damage, but gives them a support presence they didn’t initially have.

Swift Retribution

Whether you’re deploying the fearsome Maegan Cyndewin or enhancing your units with the infantry command, these leaders of the Latari Elves are sure to give you the edge in combat.

Ready your spells and rally your troops with the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion (RWM 15) and the Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion (RWM 19) available from your local retailer in the third quarter of 2017.

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