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The May 2017 Worlds Pamphlet and Competitor Info


The May World Championships for our competitive Star Wars™ games are exciting whirlwinds of hundreds of players and multiple events running simultaneously in various locations. Fortunately, everything you need to know on where to go and what to do is all in one convenient place: the Competitor Pamphlet.

Click here to download the May 2017 World Championship Competitor Pamphlet

Spirit of Rebellion at Worlds

Star Wars: Destiny's newest expansion set, Spirit of Rebellion, is releasing very soon. At the World Championships, we have Star Wars: Destiny side events on Wednesday, May 3rd and Thursday, May 4th.

To bring the fun of the new set to these side events, every game's World Championship competitors will be able to purchase exactly six booster packs of Spirit of Rebellion each, starting at 9 AM on Wednesday, May 3rd at the Fantasy Flight Games Center, or anytime throughout the Worlds weekend. Spirit of Rebellion will not be legal for use in the main Star Wars: Destiny World Championship, but is allowed in all of its side events.

Note: All side events have limited seating and any World Championship competitor can sign up for any game's side events at the Info Booth. See the tournament details for more info and sign-up times for each side event.

Be Ready

No matter which games you are playing, if you are coming to Roseville, you can download the Competitor Pamphlet now or pick up a copy onsite. With a ton of helpful information, including schedules and area maps, this pamphlet truly is a player’s best friend.

If you are looking for more specific information about the tournament structure, please visit the tournament details page.

If you can't attend this year’s World Championship, you can plan to watch our event stream on our Twitch channel, FFGLive! Follow our coverage on social media and check the streaming schedule for when your favorite game will be featured with live commentary as we look to crown this year’s Champion. Next year, it could be you!

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