10 April 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Guardians of the Deepwood

Announcing the Latari Elves Army Expansion for the Runewars Miniatures Game


The Aymhelin—the greatest forest in all of Mennara—stretches from the south of Terrinoth and west of the Ru to the southern ocean. Its great trees reach their ivory trunks up into pure skies, while the spreading canopies cast green-tinged shadows on the forest floor below. It is here the Latari Elves call home, their cities and palaces sweeping gracefully among the trunks of the Deepwood. Now, the return of an ancient foe pulls them into the battle for Terrinoth.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Latari Elves Army Expansion for the Runewars Miniatures Game. The expansion not only ushers in a brand-new faction to the Runewars Miniatures Game, but offers four new units and eight new figure sculpts, enough to field an army in one of Terrinoth’s many battles.

The Leonx Riders

Though the Leonx Riders of the Latari Elves are of low status, and shunned by some for their passions and roughness, those who forge a bond with the mighty Leonx gain a share of their strength and ferocity. These riders operate alone or in small family groups, much like their beast-friends. Their attacks are unexpected by foes of the elves, and hit with a savage and brutal ferocity. A few of these beast-attuned warriors can turn the tide of a day with the surprising onslaught they bring.

The Leonx Riders serve as the Latari Elves Cavalry. Taming the mighty Leonx is no easy task, and these riders focus the rage and speed of these beasts on their foes. When using a powerful melee attack, they can use two surges to add a hit. The Leonx Riders' second ability highlights a new mechanic in the Latari Elves Army Expansion: unique surges. These can only be used once per combat, but offer a powerful effect in return; in this case, adding a mortal strike to a melee attack. 

With three different march options, a shift, and five different blue modifiers, the Leonx Riders are constantly on the move, and have the ability to strike at their foes even when they feel safe. Combining the Riders initiative-7 march with a charge can cause the brave warriors to cross a great distance and still perform a melee attack, should they collide with a foe. 

Aliana of Summersong

The greatest of these Leonx Riders is their champion, Aliana of Summersong. With her shimmering Moonblade and Leonx Mount Wildcall, Aliana of Summersong commands the Leonx Riders with a strength and ferocity worthy of one who leads these passionate warriors into battle.

In addition to her already hefty attack role, Aliana adds a mortal strike to all melee attacks. Furthermore, when she rides her Leonx into combat, she strikes fear into the heart of her enemies. With the Impact 2 keyword, anyone Aliana charges into will receive two panic tokens, setting them up for potential disaster during their next morale test.  

Aliana’s Command Tool provides plenty of movement actions and modifiers to ensure she can be wherever she needs to be on the battlefield. With three different march options, Aliana can cross the field at her own pace, whether it’s to charge into battle or stay on the defensive. Five different white modifier options ensure you will always have plenty of maneuverability options and a green shift modifier allows you to perform a 4-speed march before getting into position.

The Aymhelin Scions

If Aliana of Summersong represents the pure speed of the Latari Elves, the Aymhelin Scions represents their power. They are of the Aymhelin itself, the very sinew and muscle of the ancient forest. Just one great tree is enough to tip any battle in the Latari Elves favor, and a handful can dispatch entire armies.

Scions are living trees with angular bark and root-like limbs, the will of the forest made manifest. With both a ranged and melee attack on their command dial, the Scion is a threat from all angles. They are also versatile, with an additional shield icon modifier when they need to go on the defensive and a red hit modifier to increase their offensive capabilities. 

The Scion has two different charge options, and gives an immobilize token to any unit that it collides with, or is unlucky enough to collide with it. The Scions can further immobilize their foes by giving them a stun token with two surges during a melee or ranged attack.

The Deepwood Archers

Few archers can match the mobility and range of the infamous Deepwood Archers, tasked with preventing intruders from desecrating the sanctity of the Aymhelin. The Archers are masters of positioning, able to perform a shift action for the cost of two unique surges during a ranged attack. While the shift can’t be used to disengage, it can be used to match enemy movements and get the Deepwood Archers in the perfect position for their next attack.

During a ranged attack, the Deepwood Archers use two surges to perform a shift.

The Deepwood Archers’ Command Tool features three different shift options, letting them move across the battlefield with speed and efficiency, and line up the perfect ranged attack before safely shifting again.

New Tactics

Additionally, The Latari Elves Army Expansion features several new keywords and mechanics designed to add even more depth to the Runewars Miniatures Game.

During setup, units with the Overgrow keyword allow you to place overgrowth tokens on various environment pieces across the map. These tokens do nothing on their own, but the Latari Elves affinity for nature will allow their units and upgrade cards to take advantage of overgrown structures and environments, adding a new dimension to the Runewars Miniatures Game tactical movement and combat.

The Latari Elves bring a fierce and deadly style of warfare to the Runewars Miniatures Game. Some feature the new Lethal keyword, which adds additional hits to the damage pool during attacks by that unit. Conversely, the new Protected keyword removes hits to the damage pool before damage is assigned.

Defenders of the Deepwood

With startling speed and ferocity, the armies of the Latari Elves are one of the most powerful forces in Terrinoth, and now they join the fight in the Runewars Miniatures Game.

Enhance your army by ordering the Latari Elves Army Expansion (RWM14) from your local retailer when it hits stores in the third quarter of 2017. 

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