27 March 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Raise your Banners

Preview the Daqan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion for the Runewars Miniatures Game


From Wizards to Banner Guards, every soldier has a role to fulfill in the armies of the Daqan Lords. When the time comes, these warriors band together to craft one of the most fearsome forces in Terrinoth, with the ability to crush those that would stand against them underfoot.

Today, we’re taking a look at the Daqan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion for the Runewars Miniatures Game. This expansion includes four brand-new figures as well as eighteen new upgrade cards, many of which are used to bring these figures into your army by replacing a standard figure in the upgraded Daqan Lords unit with one of these warriors.

Magical Strength

Master wizards from the circles at Greyhaven and Nerekhall bolster the ranks of the Daqan Lords, wielding destructive power and an arsenal of runebound shards to devastate their foes. Whether it’s the power to move the earth or channel powerful energies, these wizards enhance the forces of Daqan with a magical edge.

These mighty wizards include the likes of the  Uncontrolled Geomancer,  a turbulent force ready to destroy all that stands in the way of the Daqan Lords. Using a special symbol on your modifier dial, you may deal damage to all units at a range equal to the number of Unstable Energy on the battlefield, with the amount of damage being equal to the number of trays in their unit. With an Uncontrolled Geomancer on your side, the Daqan Lords can shatter the hordes of their enemies. However, the untamed powers of the Geomancer can’t be directed, and will damage friendly figures, including its own unit! It will take careful planning and tactical actions to ensure the Geomancer destroys the enemies of Daqan while keeping their allies safe.

With two unstable energy runes on the field, all units within range 2 of the Uncontrolled Geomancer take damage equal to the number of trays in their unit! After applying defense, the Reanimates will remove four figures from their unit and the Geomancer's unit will remove none!

Or perhaps your wizard is a Greyhaven Channeler,  giving your warriors unseen advantages by manipulating the flow of energy tokens on the battlefield. After they are cast during the set up and end phase, you may exhaust the Greyhaven Channeler’s Upgrade Card to recast two of the runes, raising your chances to get the energy tokens your army needs to overrun your enemies.

The harnessing of mystical energies is a dangerous and mysterious task, but the Wizards who have mastered the art are deadly on the battlefield.

Champions of Terrinoth

To lead a company of Daqan’s finest, a soldier must be a trusted leader and peerless warrior both. These champions have faced death time and again on the battlefield, but where such hardships would break lesser men, these warriors persevere, and their stolid bravery is an inspiration to those under their command.

Not only does the powerful Lance Corporal bolster the toughness of his unit with four defense, but offers versatility by changing the color of your selected modifier to white until the end of the round. This allows you to create new and powerful combinations with your command tool, like modifying a yellow attack with a traditionally red upgrade.

The Citadel Weapons Master is less likely to use tricky tactics and more likely to simply crush his enemies, adding an additional Red Die to your melee attacks.  This combined with the figures three defense is sure to buff any of your front-line units and make them a force to be reckoned with.

The Champions of the Daqan Lords inspire and lift up the units they serve alongside, giving fellow soldiers an ideal to aspire to as they cleave through their foes.

Horns of War

The roar of the lion horns of Daqan relay orders and stiffen the backs of wavering soldiers. Crafted in ages past as gifts by the Dwarves of Yrthwright’s Forge, each baron or city council has only a few such horns to entrust to its most storied formations, marking them as Terrinoth’s finest.

The Aggressive Cornicen turns your marching forces into a wave of destruction, turning any march action into a charge. Furthermore, the bravery of the Cornicen prevents your unit from receiving a panic token if they fail to collide with an enemy. This allows you to consistently charge without risk, and make any enemy of the Daqan Lords think twice before standing in their way.

If you want your movements to be a little more tactical, the Marching Cornicen allows you to treat your marching action as if it was modified by a turn. This always gives you the opportunity to change up your movement even if you’ve already revealed your command dial, and also keeps your opponent guessing as to which direction this unit will be moving until the very last second.

The horns of the Daqan Lords keep their armies in line, and strike fear into the hearts of those that would stand against them. 

Symbols of Loyalty

Flying over Daqan armies are colorful banners that swirl in the wind. These battle standards have histories as long as the Baronies of Daqan, a symbol of the undying loyalty each soldier pledges to their home. Only the bravest soldiers are chosen to guard the standard, as under no circumstances may they allow the company’s symbol to fall into enemy hands. These warriors are Banner Guards, an unwavering reminder of the honor the armies of the Daqan fight for.

Perhaps your banner guard is the Raven-Pennon Bearer,  able to manipulate the initiative of their unit. The Bearer allows your unit to act at an initiative value one higher or lower than what is showing on their command dial. This allows you to decide in the moment whether you want to speed up or delay your unit’s actions. This can allow your unit to act safely after your enemies have made their move, or to strike first, defeating your foes before they get a chance to attack.

The Eagle-Banner Bearer doesn’t do much in way of defense, but allows you to trade in inspiration tokens for mortal strikes during a melee attack, breaking through your opponent’s defense to deliver a cavalcade of damage to your foes that no defensive value can stop.

The Banner Guards of the Daqan Lords do more than protect their colors, they inspire their units to the edge of resolve. 

Unstable Energies

The Daqan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion contains more than just upgrades for these figures, but other powerful tools to help you customize any army.

Fire Rune allows your upgraded unit to use their special modifier to perform a ranged attack with one red die, dealing damage equal to the number of unstable energy runes on the field. This can turn primarily melee warriors into ranged threats capable of massive damage, especially if your army contains a Greyhaven Channeler to manipulate the energy on the field.

With the power of the Fire Rune, these Reanimate Archers unleash a powerful volley on a group of Daqan Spearmen, the one hit symbol on the red die they roll translates into hits equal to the number of unstable energy runes on the field, in this case, two.

Enhance your Troops

Whether your Geomancers are sending tremors throughout the battlefield or your Cornicen’s are marching units into the heart of battle, the Daqan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion is sure give your Daqan Lord forces the edge against any of their foes.

Command your forces and order the Daqan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion (RWM05) from your local retailer in the second quarter of 2017.

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