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Bounty Hunter Specialization Decks Are Now Available

Not everyone is cut out to be a Bounty Hunter. More than just a steady hand and implacable will, hunters spend a lifetime honing their specialized skills to make themselves unpredictable and inescapable predators of anyone who has a price on their head. These skills and talents separate the seasoned professionals from the brash fools who only dream of quick credits.

Manage your wealth of talent choices more easily with new Specialization Decks available for the new Bounty Hunter trees found in No Disintegrations, the new sourcebook for Star Wars™: Edge of the Empire™. Displaying iconic full-color art and rules text on every card, players and gamemasters alike can keep all the information they need at their fingertips for easy reference. Included in each pack are reference cards to show you how to use the talent cards that cover each talent in every tree, including talents with multiple ranks so that you can always accurately determine your abilities and bonuses. 

Gamemasters can also make fantastic use of the cards in these decks to build new memorable NPCs from scratch or to efficiently make adjustments to existing ones, supplementing their abilities on the fly with one or two new talents to customize and enhance the cinematic excitement the Star Wars Roleplaying Game is known for!

Living Weapons, Consummate Professionals, and Ruthless Hunters

Pick up a new 20-card deck for the three new specializations contained in No Disintegrations:

  • Martial Artist - A disciplined hand-to-hand warrior, strengthened by years of focused training to turn their body into a deadly weapon and stalwart bastion. Talents such as Martial Grace and Coordination Dodge directly increase the hunter’s offensive and defensive capabilities, while Overbalance punishes an enemy’s foolish attempt at a strike and Unarmed Parry shrugs off all but the most disastrous attacks with ease.
  • Operator - With some of the most impressive starship and vehicles in the galaxy, Operators make capture unavoidable for their quarry. Overwhelm Defenses and Debilitating Shot allow the Operator to control vehicle combat encounters by hindering the capabilities of their target’s craft. And when in the pilot’s chair of a starship or vehicle, Operators can use Shortcut and Improved Shortcut to close the distance with their quarry, while Offensive Driving cuts off the target’s ability to escape.
  • Skip Tracer - Pursue the contract across the galaxy, knowing who can get you the information you need and where to seek your prey. The investigative skills of a Skip Tracer should never be underestimated; vital clues can unlock even the greatest mystery. Use thematic talents such as Informant to somehow always find the right person to talk with or Reconstruct the Scene to get a clearer picture of events, making the Skip Tracer a galaxy-class detective.

In addition to the three new decks available for each No Disintegrations specialization, hunters of all stripes can make use of the Signature Abilities Specialization Deck. This deck includes eighteen cards that correspond to the two Bounty Hunter Signature Abilities and their upgrades. Unmatched Devastation brings to bear the entire ferocity of the hunter’s arsenal upon their foes. Blaster fire, rockets, grenades, all manner of incredibly destructive gadgetry! For those who prefer a more subtle (and potentially less lethal) approach, Always Get My Mark is an incredibly powerful narrative ability that allows the hunter to accomplish the legwork of tracking a target “off-screen,” pushing the story along into entirely new complications and dangers.

Bring Them In, Dead or Alive

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