FFG Live in January

Discover What FFG Live Has Planned for January


After a short season break, FFG Live is back in action with a fresh slate of content and a few major changes!

The biggest change coming to FFG Live involves where we are streaming. Starting with our January 9th stream, live content will be streamed exclusively to Twitch, with a recorded version being available on our YouTube channel shortly after filming. This shift will open up more oppurtunities to include livestream extensions for giveaways, interactivity, and more! So be sure to tune in to our Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 p.m. Central Time! But even if you can't catch it live, all videos can be found on our YouTube channel shortly after airing!

With that being said, read on, to discover what FFG Live has in store for January!

Join us on January 9th as we cover the point changes coming to Star Wars™: X-Wing with the developers of the game. If you’re an X-Wing player, this is one stream you won’t want to miss!

On January 14th, get your first look at Fallout® Shelter™: The Board Game as we play through a full game on FFG Live! If you have questions about the recently announced adaptation of the popular mobile game, this is the place to get them answered!

Curious what’s coming next for Marvel Champions: The Card Game? Tune in on January 16th for the announcement of the Hero Pack coming your way in April with developer… Matt Newman? Discover the answers on January 16th!

On January 21st, join head of Organized Play Alex Watkins as he sits down for an AMA with you, the Fantasy Flight Games community. If you’re an avid fan of any of our games supported by Organized Play, be sure to tune in and ask your questions for the AMA here!

On January 23rd, join us for another game of Star Wars™: Legion showing off new releases coming your way soon! Developer Luke Eddy will be on hand to answer questions from the community, so be sure to stop by!

Are you ready for more The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth action? Then watch our stream on January 28th where we’ll reveal the next expansion for the app-based cooperative game! What new adventures await your band of heroes?

Finally, on January 30th, join us for a new season of our Roleplaying Liveplay Flights of Fantasy, this time we’re diving into the world of Star Wars Roleplaying with the Jewel of Yavin pre-made adventure!

Join us on our Twitch channel for FFG Live every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM Central Time, or check out our Youtube page for all our latest videos. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a new video or livestream—we hope to see you there!

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