4 December 2017 | Star Wars: Armada

Fleet Upgrades

The Star Wars™ Armada Regional Championships Are Here

"Alert all commands. Deploy the fleet."
     –Admiral Piett

Throughout the galaxy, Star Destroyers, TIE fighter squadrons, and support ships are moving into position, waiting for the signal that will launch them into battle. And that signal? It has arrived. Saturday, November 25th marked the first of this year's Star Wars™: Armada Regional Championships, and the season is now in full swing!

From November 25, 2017 to March 25, 2018, the Star Wars: Armada Regional Championships offer you the chance to meet and play against some of the game's most talented and enthusiastic players.

You'll find Imperial traps expertly set and sprung. You'll find Star Destroyers unleashing their full strength at Rebel frigates and Mon Calamari cruisers. You'll see the distant stars dimmed by explosions and the shots from countless fighters and turbolaser batteries. Desperate Rebel captains will fly their ships through enemy fire, hoping to score their objectives before reaching Round 6 and making their escape to hyperspace.

More than this, you'll see the Armada metagame jolted by the sudden arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn,  the Chimaera,   Admiral Raddus,  and the rest of Wave VII. The Chimaera Expansion Pack and Profundity Expansion Pack are scheduled to arrive in the middle of the Regional Championship season, meaning these already high-level events will also be the testing grounds for new Rebel and Imperial strategies—as both sides scramble to adapt amid battlefields littered with missiles, proton torpedoes, and laser fire.

And to top it all off, you'll find a wealth of custom prizes that are exclusive to these thrilling, high-energy events…

The Prizes

Your Armada Regional Championship may begin with camaraderie, creative fleet designs, and thrilling competition, but you may very well end it by walking away with some of the coolest custom prizes around.

The Regional Championship prizes include everything from alternate art ship cards and custom tokens to acrylic range rulers and a free first-round bye at your region's National Championship. And the best part is you don't even have to make the top tables to walk away a winner!

  • Top 64: Alternate art Gozanti-class Assault Carrier ship card. We're ensuring that the Empire's strength spreads far across your region by sending this beautiful alternate art ship card home with not just one or two players—but all of the Top 64!

  • Top 16: Acrylic scatter tokens. Typically reserved for only the most slippery Imperial and Rebel aces, scatter tokens allow your fighter squadrons to completely dodge incoming fire, and these double-sided acrylic tokens make sure you look good when you emerge unscathed.
  • Top 8: Set of twelve custom dice. The only thing more satisfying than watching your shot punch straight through an enemy ship's hull is firing that shot with this sparkling set of custom dice!
  • Top 4: Set of acrylic range rulers and distance templates. You can fly your squadrons with ease—and determine whether or not you just manage to avoid an early engagement—with this full set of custom distance templates. And you can strike fear into your opponents' hearts with this imposing set of black and red range rulers, adorned as they are with the turbolaser, ion cannon, and ordnance icons.
  • Champion: Custom trophy and National Championship prize bye. Land your "one in a million" shot, and you can walk away with a prize card offering you a first-round bye at your National Championship, as well as the stunning Star Wars: Armada Regional Championship trophy, inspired by the medallions given to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo at the Yavin IV medal ceremony.

Deploy Your Fleet

Your Star Wars: Armada fleet wasn't made to sit idle behind some distant moon; it was meant to engage the enemy… And the upcoming Armada Regional Championships are your best chance to meet the enemy—and enjoy hours of tactical fleet battles!

Whether you'll be a first-time participant in Organized Play or you're the next Grand Admiral, simply waiting for the Chimaera to find its way to stores, you'll find this year's Regional Championships are an excellent opportunity to enjoy great games, meet new friends, discover new tactics, and win great prizes.

Make your plans to attend. Head to our list of Armada Regional Championships to find an event near you!

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