4 December 2017 | X-Wing

Findsman's Reward

The X-Wing™ Regional Championships Are Here

"But who’s going to fly it, kid! You?"
     –Han Solo

Take your games of X-Wing to a higher level by participating in one of the Regional Championships!

These prestigious X-Wing tournaments are your chance to meet and play against some of the game's best and most enthusiastic players. The energy and competition at these events are a level above those at your average local Stay on Target tournament or Store Championship, and so are the prizes…

Running in the US and Canada from November 25, 2017 to March 25, 2018, X-Wing Regional Championships often draw the top aces (and the most enthusiastic rookie pilots) from towns and cities all throughout the area. This means the events are great opportunities to meet new players, test your skills against new lists, and witness new tricks and tactics—especially when, as now, the metagame is poised to change with the mid-season introduction of new fighters, bombers, pilots, and upgrades.

The Prizes

Head to an X-Wing Regional Championship, and you never know—you might just walk away with a bounty of prizes that would be the envy of even the galaxy's greatest findsmen!

The exclusive prizes at stake include custom maneuver templates, acrylic tokens, alternate art ship cards, and speckled dice—and you don't even need to make the top tables to walk away with some of these. The Regional Championship prizes run all the way to the Top 64.

  • Top 64: Zuckuss alternate art card. The most notorious of Gand findsmen, Zuckuss was among the elite handful of bounty hunters recruited by Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back to locate the Millennium Falcon.
  • Top 16: Acrylic stress tokens. Unless your name is Tycho Celchu or Soontir Fel, you will want to do your best to avoid stress—even with tokens this stylish. But if you're going to take a stress token, it might as well be one of these elegant, acrylic tokens.
  • Top 8: Set of four speckled attack dice and four speckled defense dice. Make every single attack count. While we can't promise these dice will roll more hits and evades, we can assure you that you'll look good in combat—especially when your X-wing fires all four dice at Range 1!
  • Top 4: Commemorative acrylic maneuver templates. How do you land a hit before the first shot's been fired? By revealing your maneuver dial and then executing your maneuver with one of these exclusive maneuver templates.
  • Champion: Champion trophy and National bye. In addition to all the other prizes, each Regional Champion walks away with a beautiful trophy inspired by the medals awarded to Luke and Han on Yavin IV, as well as a card worth a free bye round—an automatic victory worth 150 MOV—at the region's National Championship.

Always in Motion Is the Future

The future is always in motion—and difficult to see. This year, the future is even more uncertain thanks to the impactful changes from the latest FAQ (pdf, 3.2 MB) and the upcoming releases of Waves XII and XIII. And that's a good thing!

These changes are bound to lead to a great deal of rapid experimentation and thrilling new tactics—and this year's Regional Championships are certain to be at the heart of it all.

Meet new players. Learn new tactics. Enjoy great games. Win exclusive prizes. The X-Wing Regional Championships are here, so head to our list of Regional Championships to find the event nearest you. Then make your plans to attend!

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