Enter the New Age

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition Is Available Now


“To lay claim to the throne is a destiny sought by many, yet the shadows of the past serve as a grim warning to those who would follow in their footsteps.”

The destruction of the Lazax Empire has disturbed the fundamental stasis of the galaxy. The great powers have stirred, each envisioning themself as the replacement for the once-ruling faction. Which of these seventeen races will see their vision realized? Who will rise above their peers and make them kneel? Who has the skill it takes to become the new absolute power in the galaxy?

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition is now available at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition invites you to take part in your own personal space opera of galactic domination with up to five other players. Select one of seventeen factions and prepare for a game of diplomacy, political intrigue, and all-out war as you vie to become the new rulers of the galaxy.

For over twenty years, Twilight Imperium has defined "epic" in board gaming, and the Fourth Edition continues this grand tradition. The game contains over 350 plastic units, 51 system tiles, 561 command and control tokens, 80 action cards, 50 agenda cards, 40 objective cards, 59 planet cards, 184 technology and technology upgrade cards, 41 promissory note cards, and much more.

Prepare for War

In our extensive preview coverage of Twilight Imperium, we began by examining the start of the game and the all-important tactical action. Every game of Twilight Imperium is a new experience, as the players have the opportunity to craft the galaxy around them. Players create a “hand” of hexagonal tiles and build the galaxy outward from the center. You may choose to surround your home system with resource-rich planets ripe for the taking, or place a supernova right in the path of a rival.

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition is a game of strategy and tactics, and even determining turn order is an important decision that could impact the course of the entire game. Once the board has been set up, you and each of your fellow players select a strategy card that both determines the turn order for the coming round and grants you a special ability. These special abilities range from gaining a significant boost in technology, to becoming a master of trade, to choosing to dominate the political machinations of the galaxy.

Once these roles are selected, players begin their conquest of the galaxy by building fleets and moving them from system to system, claiming new planets and expanding their empire along the way. Should any other faction stand in your way, you can crush them with your combat prowess. But the galaxy of Twilight Imperium is about far more than who has the largest fleet. Players will have to work together in a galactic quorum to pass new laws, benefit from mutual trade agreements, and establish tenuous alliances to see their faction on the throne of Mecatol Rex.

To Victory

All of these actions are in pursuit of victory points earned from various public and secret objectives. At the end of a round, all players check to see if they have accomplished any of the objectives, and they may claim points for one of them before revealing another. As these objectives come into play, they provide a compass for your actions during a game, with conditions that can range from collecting and spending trade goods to successfully winning a space battle.

Most recently, we also took the time to preview several of the unique factions that can be found in the game. Each of the seventeen factions in the game has their own signature play style and abilities, ensuring a unique play experience in every game. You may choose to control the flow of the game with the mercantile Emirates of Hacan or prepare for war with the mighty Dreadnoughts of the L1Z1X Mindnet. Whatever your choice, the galaxy is yours for the taking.

Build Your Empire

With the release of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition, a new age is dawning—one of war and conflict. The throne of Mecatol Rex sits vacant, waiting for a worthy faction to find their place among the ruins of their enemies and bring order to a galaxy descending into twilight. Who will you lead to victory?

Enter a new age of twilight and purchase Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition (TI07) from your local retailer today!

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