13 November 2017 | X-Wing

2018 System Open Briefing

Event Details for the 2018 X-Wing™ System Open Series

“All ships, prepare for jump to hyperspace.”
     –Admiral Raddus, Rogue One

Make the jump to hyperspace at the 2018 X-Wing System Open Series!

Running from November 2017 to June 2018, the 2018 X-Wing System Open Series consists of fifteen high-energy events held across the globe.

Each of these events promises fun, action, prizes, and glory for hundreds of participants. These events are more than just tournaments and competition; they’re two- or three-day festivals, filled with other fans of your favorite Star Wars space battles.

In the text below, we focus on the tournament structure. For more information about the prizes available to System Open participants, you can visit the System Open website or read the article, “Claim Your Bounty.”

System Open

The main event at each stop along the 2018 X-Wing System Open Series is the System Open, a top-level tournament that we’ve divided into three stages.

  • Stage 1 starts the event and runs for three rounds. All participants who earn at least two wins qualify for Stage 2.
  • Stage 2 follows Stage 1 after a short break. It consists of another three rounds of Swiss play. All participants with at least five victories between Stages 1 and 2 progress to Stage 3.
  • Stage 3 begins on the next day of the event and consists of a single-elimination bracket seeded according to the results of Day 1. The Top 8 finalists all earn invitations to the Coruscant Invitational, and the Champion is awarded a flight and accommodations to the event.

Hangar Bay

The popular Hangar Bay side event makes its return in the 2018 X-Wing System Open Series.

At multiple points throughout each System Open Series event, attendees will have opportunities to form groups of eight and launch into their own three-round, Swiss-style tournament.

  • At least one Hangar Bay side event will be scheduled to accommodate System Open participants who do not progress from Stage 1 to Stage 2. System Open participants who join a Hangar Bay event at this point will receive an additional prize.

Hyperspace Qualifier

The Hyperspace Qualifier is a uniquely constructed tournament that’s new to the 2018 X-Wing System Open Series.

  • At least one Hyperspace Qualifier is scheduled for each event, designed to run simultaneously with Stage 3 of the System Open. Each player who goes undefeated throughout the tournament’s six Swiss rounds earns an invitation to the Coruscant Invitational.

An intriguing twist to the event, however, is the “hyperspace jump” that players can take as they find themselves eliminated from Stage 3 of the System Open.

Any player eliminated from Stage 3 can immediately walk over and register for the Hyperspace Qualifier. He or she starts play in the next round of the Hyperspace Qualifier as though his or her previous rounds had all been byes.

  • Some venues—hosting events that include days without main event stages—may run more than one Hyperspace Qualifier.

Coruscant Invitational

Scheduled for the weekend of October 5th – 7th, 2018, the Coruscant Invitational is the culmination of the System Open Series.

Although in past years we have held the Coruscant Invitational at Star Wars Celebration, that event is on hiatus for 2018. As a result, we have decided to make this exclusive invitational bigger and better than ever!

This event is available only to qualified players from the System Open Series, but we’re extending additional invitations to ensure that the Coruscant Invitational will enjoy energy and excitement paralleled only by our World Championships.

For this reason, we have also moved the event to our headquarters in Roseville, Minnesota, where attendees can enjoy the acclaimed playing space of the Fantasy Flight Games Center, as well as the full attention of the game’s developers.

Along with the chance to compete for the Greatest Prize in Gaming™—the opportunity to inspire the design of a new card—the developers will host a special panel and signing session.

And even as the Coruscant Invitational challenges its participants’ mastery of the game with a special, event-specific format, the larger X-Wing community will be able to follow along—thanks to our live coverage.

More details about this unique event and its event-specific tournament format will be revealed at a later date.

Make Your Plans to Attend

Head to our 2018 X-Wing System Open Series website to find the System Open Series event nearest you. Then follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with all the latest updates, as we will be adding more locations shortly.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of the galaxy’s greatest space battles. Start making your plans to attend the 2018 X-Wing System Open Series!

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