5 October 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Unleash the Leonx

The Leonx Riders Unit Expansion Is Now Available


Many Elves still see the Leonx Riders as little more than feral barbarians who have lost their connection to the teachings of Latariana and the Path of the Stars. Far from savages, the Free Hunters learned to temper their tremendous skill for hunting and combat with a deeper wisdom gained from their animal family. The mightiest predators killed only to survive, and the pack went to war only in defense of their own. Over time, songs were sung of the lost Latari children rescued from the wild by strange, feral elves, or even whole villages saved by elven nomads who could speak the tongue of animals. Nevertheless, some of the most prominent leaders of the Latari noble houses wished to exile these barbarians from their sacred forest. Shunned by the rest of Latari society, the Leonx Riders kept mostly to themselves and their pack, only making contact with the outsiders when offering aid.

Now that the Uthuk Y‘llan have come back from the brink of extinction, the Latari must turn to these once shunned nomads if they are to survive. As you prepare your Elven troops for battle, you may choose to do the same—the Leonx Riders Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game is available now!

Ferocious Felines

In the centuries since the first Elf bonded with a Leonx, the Elves known as Free Hunters deepened their connection to the wild. They have embraced their own place in the natural world, believing there is wisdom to be learned from the cycles of the land and the beasts native to Mennara. The Leonx Riders have eschewed permanent settlements for a nomadic lifestyle and the freedom to roam and hunt as they please. While they typically choose to stay in the deepest or wildest parts of the forest, these riders are occasionally spotted near the fringes of larger Latari cities.

The Leonx Riders Unit Expansion comes with four customizable figurines and two plastic movement trays to house them. Additionally, this pack includes a collection of tokens and five available upgrade cards that players can use to further bolster the strength of the Latari army. Metered March can help control the wild Leonx Riders when they sprint across the battlefield. When moving, this upgrade allows a unit to halt their march at any point along the movement template. If you are not prepared to engage in a direct melee, this may save the Leonx from suffering banes by impacting with an enemy without a charge modifier.

The Leonx Riders are also known for their aggressive speed, covering great distances to trap enemies in their claws. With the Impact 1 keyword, these warriors impart a panic token on their enemies even before combat begins. Then, once they engage in battle, these fierce warriors are a worthy opponent for any Ynfernael minion. The Leonx Riders can spend two unique surges to add a mortal strike, cutting down even the mightiest with a single blow.

As one of the most mobile martial units in all of Terrinoth, the Leonx Riders’ command tool bears four blue movement actions that can be paired with a remarkable six movement modifiers. These jungle cats can march, shift, turn, and reform at a moment’s notice, changing direction to evade attacks or spring onto enemies who thought themselves safe. This ability can be further enhanced with the Flank Guards upgrade which states that while the Leonx Riders are defending, enemies do not add an extra die for flanking them. Given their rash natures and readiness to lash out at any threat, enemies of the Latari would do well to remember never to corner a wild animal.

Wild Warriors

Complete your Elven army with a cavalry to charge forward with the unbridled strength of a gale. Add the Leonx Riders to your command and show the forces of darkness the power of a true predator!

Pick up the Leonx Riders Unit Expansion (RWM17) at your local retailer today or online through our website today!

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