5 October 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

The Elven Host

The Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion Is Now Available


Dangers once thought dead arise in the Ru Darklands. The Latari Elves who have kept to the safety of the Aymhelin Forest must now leave their sanctuary behind and join the fight for Terrinoth. If they are to survive, they will need to call upon their most elite forces and stand united against the storm. These warriors have been honing their crafts for hundreds of years. While some sharpen their skills with the sword, others practice the songs of their people, master the stratagems of war, and spin sorcery that bends the power of nature to their will.

Call your banners to gather against the forces of darkness—the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game is now available!

Standing United

Beneath the wild guise of the leather- and bone- clad Latari warriors lies an army more skilled and disciplined than any that has marched across Mennara. Fierce and brave, the Latari Elves charge headlong into battle, seemingly oblivious to the dangers ahead. To outsiders, such fearlessness appears antithetical to disciplined tactics, but in truth the leaders of Latari forces execute complex strategies honed from centuries of knowledge and experience.

The Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion includes four detailed miniatures to bring your Elven army to life with brave champions, skilled starlings, inspirational heralds, and mysterious storm sorceresses. Additionally, this expansion includes eighteen upgrade cards to strengthen your Latari forces and prepare them for the rage of battle.

The army of the Latari stands like a great tree. Each unit has a unique purpose that contributes to the strength of the whole. At the head of the Elven forces, the Latari look to their Champions for leadership and light. To rise to this honored rank, warriors must prove themselves in great feats of skill and strength before they are trusted to execute the complex strategies honed from centuries of knowledge and experience. The most skilled of these elite warriors is the Firstblade of Lord Aenoth , who challenges opponents across the battlefield and draws them into combat. As a skill action, this Champion may choose an enemy at range 1-3 and in line of sight. That enemy must perform a speed 1 march action. 

The Elves of the Deepwood value music for more than its beauty. It offers the Latari a spiritual connection to the earth and one another. In battle, the Latari’s Starlings have the unique ability to use music as a tool to strengthen or clear the minds of soldiers, or relay instructions for units to perform specific tactics. A Tactical Starling is prepared to march at the front of the Latari’s lines. They are equipped with a much higher defense value than their brothers in arms, and their bravery prevents their unit from receiving panic tokens for disengaging from enemies.

The Starlings are not the only units dedicated to upholding the traditions of the Latari. The Latari’s standard bearers, the Heralds, know that the banners they carry into battle are not only a threat to their enemies, but a promise to the forces they lead. Their faith and their vow to never forget the Path that they tread unites the Elven armies so they may stand against any foe. A Warsong Herald aides their allies on the battlefield by allowing them to reroll a die if they are engaged with the same enemy as the Herald. The Herald's unit also doesn't suffer a morale test for being engaged with the defender of a ranged attack—allowing your archers to fire into the Herald's melee combat with impunity.

Finally, the most fearsome of the Latari infantry, the Storm Sorceresses of the Deepwood use the force of nature itself to strike down their enemies. They may assail their foes across great distances or shield their allies, passing their power onto them. As a skill action, a Storm Sorceress may roll one blue die. For each surge icon revealed, they may choose an enemy at range between one and three who suffers damage equal to the number of unstable energy runes in play. By bringing together the forces of the Latari into one united group, no enemy can stand against the deadly skill of these ancient warriors.

Protect the Latari

Push back the darkness. Add the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion to your arsenal and restore peace to the Aymhelin!

Look for the Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion (RWM15) today at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website!

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