5 October 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Path of the Arrow

The Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion Is Now Available


Those who wish to take up the Path of the Arrow begin not long after they can stand. After decades spent with lesser bows, the strongest and most accurate trainees may try to become fully fledged archers. These undisputed masters of the bow, the Deepwood Archers, spend their immortal lives in service to the Latari, defending the Aymhelin Forest with tireless loyalty. Whether protecting the capital city of Lithelin or the outskirts of Latari territory, the archers bear their duty with pride.

Now, as dangers begin to stir in the realm of Terrinoth, the Deepwood Archers are ready to stand united in defense of their home and their people. Ready your army to protect the Aymhelin Forest—the Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game is on sale now!

Versatile Marksmen

Latari archers must develop incredible strength and skill to use the Deepwood Greatbow, a weapon of legend to the younger races. The shots from these weapons are so strong that a single shaft can pierce through the flesh and bone of multiple targets. While common timber would snap from such tension, only giants, fiends, and dragons are able to break the limbs of a Deepwood Greatbow.

The Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion comes equipped with eight unpainted figurines of the skilled marksmen, a collection of tokens, and five available upgrade cards to ensure that the archers are prepared to defend their home and adapt to whatever they may face on the field of battle. The archers are most efficient when allowed to line up a ranged attack and then swiftly move out of their enemy’s range. However, if they should find themselves locked in direct combat, they may use Close Quarters Targeting to perform a ranged attack while engaged with an enemy unit!

Masters of their Craft

The very word for archer in the elven tongue, Arethyl, translates to “feather shot,” one of many tests on the Path of the Arrow. After a full day and night of rigorous drilling and exercises to exhaust the body and sight, the initiate must make one final shot. Given only a single arrow, the Elf must shoot and pin a falling feather to a tree at three hundred yards. Although there is no dishonor in failure, each prospective archer knows that years may pass before being allowed to attempt this test again. This intense training equips the Deepwood Archers with the Precise 1 keyword, allowing them to reroll more dice than your opponent may expect during an attack.

The Deepwood Archers are always ready to take up arms when their beloved home comes under threat. With the low cost of seventeen points for two trays of archers, it is a simple matter for a player commanding the Latari elves to assemble a large army ready for ranged attacks, firing from a distance and disappearing beneath the shadows of the trees.

The Deepwood Archers’ command tool has both a blue and a green Shift 1 action, the latter of which can be paired with a green Shift 1 modifier. And of course, any of these moves can be used alongside the archers’ ability to perform a bonus shift action. So much mobility helps the archers maneuver in tight areas, avoiding the Aymhelin’s catching roots that are sure to slow their enemies. As opponents struggle to navigate the land the Latari call home, the Deepwood Archers will catch them in their sights and unleash the fury of their people in a single, perfect shot.

Defenders of the Latari

Blacken the sky with your hail of arrows. Add the Deepwood Archers to your ranks and rain death upon your enemies!

Look for the Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion (RWM16) at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website today!

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