5 October 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Halfblood Hero

The Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion Is Now Available


How can the last known heir to the Ynfetaar and a halfblood daughter of the Twice-Fallen Elves sit beside the King Aeoneth of the Latari in the white halls of Caelcira? She is believed to be a ruthless schemer at best, or an agent of the Ynfernael at worst. Regardless of what the nobles may think of her, Lady Maegan Cyndewin has proven herself to be a fierce warrior and powerful sorceress. She fights for love, redemption, and ultimately the safety of her people.

Now, as ancient terrors arise anew in the thirteenth barony and the steppes of the Ru Darklands, the enchantress stands at the front of the Elven forces as a true hero of the Latari. The Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game is now available!

Warrior Queen

Although the high court of the Latari is known for its subtle intrigues and deadly plots, few know the danger that Maegan Cyndewin faces while treading the line between blasphemy and redemption. Despite the sins of her ancestors, Maegan has proven herself to be a loyal ally of the Latari, willing to lay down her own life for the Elves without hesitation. In her quest to discover the truth of her heritage, Maegan traveled the realm, learning from masters of both martial and arcane arts. The forest sorceress’s diverse training has equipped her with devastating strength and skills. When participating in a melee, she rolls two red die, one blue die, and one white die, practically ensuring that she will cause a large amount of damage with extra hits and surges.

The Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion includes two unpainted figurines of the Latari hero, allowing her to act as either an infantry or cavalry unit. This expansion comes with rich lore detailing the history of the half-elf sorceress as well as a collection of new terrain and cards, including several that are tailored to aide Maegan herself. As a skill action, Maegan Cyndewin may use her Arcane Mastery to choose an enemy between range one to the number of unstable energy runes to receive one panic token. She then chooses an enemy ranged between one and the number of natural energy runes in play and removes one boon from that enemy. Finally, she may choose an enemy ranged between one and the number of stable energy runes in play. That enemy receives one stun token. Ultimately, Maegan's mastery of magic extends to all types of runes.

Beyond her training in the arcane, Maegan Cyndewin is also a skilled warrior who is unafraid to fight on the front lines. The sorceress has a focused command tool that features a plethora of blue actions and modifiers, and two red actions with an available surge modifier for when she engages in combat. During an intense battle, the Latari’s hero may find that her combat skills are more useful than her sorcery. In these instances, Maegan may choose to use her Martial Magic upgrade. By using Martial Magic, Maegan Cyndewin’s ranged attack can only target enemies at range one to three, but in exchange, her defense is increased by one. This allows the enchantress to fight in close quarters without leaving herself exposed to enemy fire.

A True Hero

No matter how the nobles of the Latari court view her, Lady Cyndewin will defend the Aymhelin with her life. With her martial prowess, mystic power, and vow of vengeance against those who destroyed her family, the forest sorceress is a force to be reckoned with.

Lead your elven forces under the watchful eye of Terrinoth’s greatest enchantress. Add Maegan Cyndewin to your army and bring glory to the Latari!

Look for the Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion (RWM19) at your local retailer or online through our website today!

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