26 October 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Riders on the Storm

The Death Knights Unit Expansion Is Now Available


The Mistlands are a haunted place where brave men will not venture. Hidden away in the depths of the fetid bogs and acrid fogs lies the thirteenth barony, where Waiqar the Undying and his host of reanimated soldiers gather their strength, awaiting the day they will be powerful enough to claim the realm. At the head of his dread host are the Death Knights, skeletal horsemen who ride into battle astride vampiric steeds, severing limbs and heads from their enemies’ bodies with unrestrained cruelty. Now as Waiqar leads his army out of the mists, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that the Death Knights Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game is now on sale at your local retailer!

Ruthless Riders

Death Knights are first generation Reanimates, created from the fallen bones of defeated Deathborn Legion warriors, those singular undead who were present at Waiqar’s betrayal and were bound to him forever. Unlike those of later generations, the Death Knights maintain much of the power and glory of their Deathborn progenitors, quickly honing great skill and cunning in battle shortly after their creation. Although these Death Knights retain none of their memories of the original Deathborn, they are still filled with the malice and hatred felt by their precursors in the moments before their destruction.

Waiqar’s knights are Steadfast, free from the fear of death and its emptiness that they know all too well. The unnatural battle cry of the undead warriors makes the blood of living men run cold. This equips them with an Impact equal to the number of stable energy runes on the battlefield, allowing the Death Knights to inflict panic on their enemies and evoke their sense of dread at seeing Waiqar’s cavalry coming to claim their lives.

Newly arisen Death Knights are awarded armor consecrated in the blood of innocents and entrusted with an Equius Cumir, a vampiric warhorse specially bred in the Mistlands. Over time, a Death Knight and its warhorse form something akin to a bond, as rider and steed share in the glorious ecstasy of violence and death. This love of carnage drives the Death Knights forward with four blue march actions on their command dial that fall regularly throughout the round, between initiatives three and nine. These actions can be paired with a remarkable five blue modifiers. Then, as the Death Knights catch their targets, their melee action can be paired with a blood-red mortal strike modifier to ensure that once the dark horsemen have taken the field, there will be no survivors.

Death's Grasp

The Death Knights Unit Expansion includes four unpainted figures that you may customize in any guise that flatters the darkest corners of your imagination, embodying the strange and macabre customs the Death Knights are known to develop. Some wear the dents and damage on their battle-tested armor proudly, while others use fell markings and runes to magically reinforce and strengthen their ancient metal. Still more claim the fallen banners of defeated enemies for themselves and fly these tattered standards into battle, striking fear into their enemies with mementos of the fallen.

In addition to these figures, this expansion provides you with two cavalry movement trays to house your figures as well as a collection of tokens, five upgrade cards, and one condition card to make your undead army all the more lethal. During a melee, the an agent of Waiqar the Undying can exhaust Obcasium's Gauntlet  to trap their enemy in Death's Grasp . This unique condition taps into the Death Knight’s arcane link that binds them to their master and allows them to channel his dark energy. The condition states that before each end phase, the unit afflicted with Death’s Grasp suffers wounds equal to the number of stable energy runes in play. If the powers of darkness favor your undead legion, you will be able to destroy any mortal force and bring glory to your master!

Relentless Pursuers

Build an army whose fealty shall weather time and death itself. Run down your enemies with the Death Knights and make Terrinoth kneel before you!

Purchase the Death Knights Unit Expansion (RWM21) at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website today!

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