26 October 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Mechanics of War

The Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion Is Now Available


Unlike many Daqan soldiers, who come from farmsteads and small towns across the baronies, most Heavy Crossbowmen companies are filled by inhabitants of the Free Cities or baronial castle towns. While city life does not require one to learn archery to hunt for food, the exposure to modern conveniences makes these youths take quickly to the crossbow, as many are familiar with the cranks and winches that keep their city gates closed and their mills turning, or power other engines of war. What began as a mechanical wonder is now a vital instrument in the battle against Waiqar the Undying as his army of the reanimates. As the lords of the baronies call the banners in the defense of Terrinoth, you can supplement your Daqan armies—the Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game is on sale now!

Balanced Warriors

Many consider the modern crossbow a mechanical wonder, but its inclusion in the Citadel’s forces is a relatively new occurrence. Deviating from tradition, the Heavy Crossbowmen represent one of the greatest defensive forces in Terrinoth. Their bulwark shields were designed to provide the protection an archer would have shooting from a tower’s fortifications, while still allowing mobility on the field. As such, these shields equip them with the Protected 1 keyword, allowing them to subtract one from the damage pool while defending.

The Daqan warriors’ advanced defenses work in tandem with their ranged weapons that have a striking power unmatched in Terrinoth. When participating in a ranged attack, the Heavy Crossbowmen roll both a red and a blue die, balancing their assault between hits and surges. With a little luck, this will enable them to enact their unit card ability, spending two surges to add a mortal strike when executing a ranged attack.

Even if the dice fall against them, the Heavy Crossbowmen’s command tool features a specialized surge modifier that can be paired with their ranged attack. With this combination, the player commanding the Daqan need only find a single surge icon on his or her dice roll to make their crossbowmen especially deadly to units susceptible to wounds. While their specialty lies with ranged attacks, the elite Daqan warriors are unafraid to engage in direct combat. The Heavy Crossbowmen can pair their melee action with a red hit modifier to guarantee that they deal damage!

Piercing Strike

The Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion offers eight customizable figurines and two infantry movement trays to house them. When painting your figures, you may don your warrior in shining armor provided by the wealthiest of lords, or reflect the battle-worn plating of Terrinoth’s most experienced soldiers. In addition to the soldiers themselves, this expansion includes a collection of tokens and five available upgrade cards to bolster your Daqan army. The modern crossbow allows the soldiers who wield them to execute a Piercing Strike.  This upgrade states during a melee or ranged attack, if the defender is between ranges one and three, the player commanding the Daqan may exhaust the card to reduce their enemy’s defense by one for the duration of the attack, to a minimum of two, or they may discard the card to add a mortal strike. No matter how you choose to use your warriors, either as frontline defenders or ranged support, this upgrade ensures that your soldiers can punch through enemy defenses and gain all the efficiency that modern technology can provide.

Fight For Honor

Stand united and defend the baronies against the legions of undead. Add the Heavy Crossbowmen your ranks and show Waiqar the Undying that the Daqan will never surrender!

Pick up your copy of the Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion (RWM20) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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