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Two New Sticker Packs to Jazz Up Your Messages


A few weeks ago, we announced the release of three sticker packs, available for iOS users and their messaging buddies. These stickers enabled tabletop gamers to integrate their favorite Android, Arkham (in adorable cartoon form), and Runebound images into their Messages conversations, bringing game day to a whole new level. Today, we introduce two more Sticker packs to the collection, adding still more fantasy and mystery to your digital interactions, and raising anticipation for the next time you and your friends get to sit down with your favorite FFG game!

Lord of the Rings

Adventure alongside the greatest heroes of Middle-earth with our Lord of the Rings sticker pack! Fight with valor alongside the Free Peoples, or declare your allegiance to the Dark Lord of Mordor. From your favorite Hobbits to the most treacherous landscapes, you can now share what you love most about Lord of the Rings with this collection of twenty-two vibrant, animated stickers!


Arkham Horror

A world of horror and investigation comes to your messages with the Arkham Horror sticker pack! Threaten your friends with sanity-melting, eldritch creatures, or declare your sleuthing prowess with a favorite investigator. Each of the twenty-five animated GIFs reflects some crucial piece of the mysterious and spine-tingling Lovecraftian universe you love to fear.


Why Stickers?

Stickers are a relatively new addition to Apple's Messages, introduced last year alongside iOS 10 and a number of other inline messaging apps. What makes stickers particularly unique, when compared to sharing GIFs or photos, is their flexibility within the Messages interface. While you can send these stickers just like any other image, you can also layer them with other GIFs, images, stickers, and messages, adding a level of creativity to your everyday conversations. 

Visit Fantasy Flight Games on iTunes to download these Stickers and discover even more ways to bring your love of tabletop games to the interactive world!

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