Empire of the Dead

Preview a Scenario in Return to the Path to Carcosa


"Aren't these catacombs absolutely fascinating?"

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What began as a special one-night engagement of a mysterious play has grown into so much more. Since that fateful night at the Ward Theatre, you've traced the "The King in Yellow" from Arkham to the streets of Paris, your journey becoming more disturbing with every new discovery you make. Now, you must plunge into the dark underworld below Paris and hope to retain what remains of your sanity.

When you first entered these terrifying halls in The Pallid Mask, you found yourself greeted by the remains of the dead...and perhaps some things that should have remained that way. As you return to these claustrophobic catacombs in search of The Path to Carcosa, new terrors await to test your resolve. Join us today as we take a closer look at the Return to the Pallid Mask scenario from Return to the Path to Carcosa upgrade expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Lost in the Dark

No matter what road you have taken to this point, you find yourself in the infamous Catacombs of Paris with more questions than answers. Your task may be familiar, but the setting is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Every available space of wall is filled with bones, a chilling reminder of your own mortatlity. All around you, the eyes of skulls glow with an otherworldy hue. As you move deeper into the catacombs, you sense a threatening presence looming around every corner, just out of reach. Despite the macabre scene, you must swallow your fear and search every inch of the catacombs for the enigmatic Stranger. 

The first time you dared enter the catacombs, you entered a maze of chambers that deviated from the normal rules regarding location placement. As you wandered the  Stone Archways  (The Pallid Mask, 248) and  Candlelit Tunnels  (The Pallid Mask, 252) below Paris, new locations would emerge from a special Catacombs Deck to the left, right, above and below existing locations. Return to the Pallid Mask raises the stakes with four new locations that could be added to this deck, offering even more variety to your wanderings.

Each of these new Catacombs locations brings something new to your investigation and some can even help you fine your way through the maze of passages. If you stumble on the  Research Site  (Return to the Pallid Mask, 51), for example, and our astute enough to investigate your surroundings, you can reveal any Catacombs location in play. Similarly, the  Clasp of Black Onyx  (Echoes of the Past, 142) you found in Echoes of the Past is a burden on anyone who possesses it, but if you discover a  Secret Passage  (Return to the Pallid Mask, 49) in the Catacombs, it can become a boon, helping you reveal a new Catacombs location.

More often than not, though, you'll come across something that you'd rather forget, like a  Sea of Skulls  (Return to the Pallid Mask, 52). This location does let you put three Catacombs locations into play and cut all the way across the map to them, but you'll want to leave it in a hurry. If you stay until the end of your turn, you'll be forced to choose between taking a direct horror or choosing and discarding three cards from your hand. Finally, you could encounter a grotesque  Mound of Bones  (Return to the Pallid Mask, 50) that hints at a nefarious presence.

With a low shroud and plenty of clues, it could be tempting to linger here. But if you tarry for too long, you're sure to come face to face with a  Malformed Skeleton  (Return to the Pallid Mask, 53) that will stalk you through the Catacombs. Worse still, you can never seem to get ahead of this unholy conglomeration of bones, and anyone foolish enough to engage it in combat risks taking a big hit to their sanity or health. It may be better to avoid this terrifying Monster altogether, and a little Stealth (Return to the Path to Carcosa, 5) can help you quickly and efficiently slip by and continue your search for the Stranger.

No Exit

It's time to face whatever new terrors await in the darkness under the city of light. Can you find your way through the Catacombs and as you Return to the Path to Carcosa?

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