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For Family Honor Will Be Available Next Week


He is a child still,” Stannis declared, his anger ringing loud in the empty hall, “a thieving child who thinks to snatch the crown off my brow. What has Renly ever done to earn a throne?”
–George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

The War of the Five Kings has begun in earnest, and as its first battles are fought, the Great Houses jockey for advantage. Lannisters and Starks trade blows in the Riverlands, but the heart of House Lannister’s strength rests in King’s Landing—dangerously close to Renly Baratheon, who’s already leading the armies of Highgarden to confront Stannis at Storm’s End. The outcome of their encounter may determine who still fights for the Iron Throne and who is lying cold and dead in the care of the silent sisters. For Family Honor, the third Chapter Pack in the War of Five Kings cycle, will be available at your local United States retailer on October 6th! 

Like the other expansions from the War of Five Kings cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, For Family Honor continues to intensify the conflict by putting more importance on the Kings that lead each faction into battle. With iconic characters like Ser Edmure Tully, Renly Baratheon, and Hot Pie entering the game, your battles for the Iron Throne are about to become more tactical and rewarding than ever before. 

Today, we’ll join House Tyrell and look at the king they support: Renly Baratheon.

The Might of Highgarden

In For Family Honor, House Tyrell gains the King that they have awaited: none other than Renly Baratheon (For Family Honor, 43). Though his lineage is traced through House Baratheon, Renly’s claim is upheld by the might of Highgarden. As he marches on Storm’s End with his new bride Margaery Tyrell and a massive army, Renly holds tourneys and feasts at every castle he passes, inspiring the love of the people and gathering more hedge knights and petty lords with every passing day.

If you’re championing the cause of House Tyrell in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Renly Baratheon serves a similar role by gathering your armies around him. First, Renly features all three challenge icons, giving him significant freedom in choosing which challenges he will participate in. Renly also bears the insight and renown keywords, allowing him to collect power and draw cards with every challenge he wins. Then, even as you gather more supporters by drawing from insight, you can benefit from Renly’s charisma—after you draw a loyal card with insight, you can reveal that card to draw another card. Best of all, this effect works with any insight, not just Renly’s, making even characters like Butterbumps (True Steel, 103) more effective. 

Of course, Renly Baratheon will naturally be a target for your opponent’s events and kill effects. Unfortunately, that’s where his weakness comes into play—while any opponent controls a King character, Renly Baratheon cannot be saved. Still, your opponent will need a King on the board before they can slip past Renly’s defenses, and in the mean time, you’ll be able to call upon your leal followers to support your claim to the Iron Throne. 

If you’re hoping to make Renly Baratheon even more formidable in battle, you could look at the other Tyrell card included in this pack, the Crown of Golden Roses (For Family Honor, 44). This attachment can be given to any Lord character, and it automatically gives that character the King trait, helping you to oppose characters like Robb Stark (Across the Seven Kingdoms, 2) or Balon Greyjoy (Called to Arms, 31). Still, the more pertinent part of Crown of Golden Roses is its Action. By discarding a card from your hand, you can increase the attached character’s STR by an amount equal to the number of that character’s challenge icons. For instance, if you attach Crown of Golden Roses to Renly Baratheon and discard a single card, his STR will increase by three. 

Although Renly Baratheon may be the thematic match for Crown of Golden Roses, there are probably better recipients, even within House Tyrell. Randyll Tarly (Core Set, 183) could wear the Crown of Golden Roses and use its effect to stand on demand. Or, The Knight of Flowers (Core Set, 185) could use the Crown to win virtually any challenge, increasing his STR far beyond the single character who can oppose him. Though discarding a card to trigger Crown of Golden Roses may seem like a steep cost, it’s important to remember that the Tyrells have some of the best draw cards in the game. Between Pleasure Barge (Taking the Black, 6), The Mander (Core Set, 193) and Renly Baratheon himself, they’re almost guaranteed to have the cards you need to claim victory.

There Is My Claim

As Renly Baratheon and the forces of Highgarden confront Stannis Baratheon outside Storm’s End, it’s up to you to determine who will walk away victorious. Call upon House Tyrell to support your claim, and pick up your copy of For Family Honor at your local retailer on October 6th!

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