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New Side Quests for Road to Legend


When you take enter the world of Terrinoth as a hero, you’re signing up a life of adventure. You may be in constant danger, and you’ll only rarely know the comfort of a bed. Yet it’s easy to forget such simple comforts when every wooded copse or mountain trail may host enchanted treasure, or an unexpected ally, or a monster to be slain. Even when you travel without a particular quest, you’ll have dozens of encounters along your journeys. These may be singular events, such as finding a wounded goblin begging for help or a traveling merchant eager to share his wares. Or, these seemingly-small encounters may become something much bigger.

The Road to Legend companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark has given you the chance to experience Descent as a fully cooperative game, battling against monsters and sinister events controlled by the app as you play through the epic story of a campaign. With the Rise of All Goblins mini-campaign, the full-length Kindred Fire campaign, and side quests corresponding to each of the game’s major expansions, you’ve already had dozens of adventures that span the entire realm of Terrinoth.

Now, you’ll gain access to nine entirely new side quests that can change the shape of your campaigns in Road to Legend forever!

New Dangers, New Adventures

With the most recent update to the Road to Legend app, nine new side quests have been added to the game—one corresponding to each of the Descent Hero and Monster Collections. These Hero and Monster Collections introduced heroes and monsters from the game’s first edition into the second edition of the game, greatly expanding the options available to you in every quest. Even though you’ve already been able to use the heroes and monsters from these expansions in your games of Road to Legend, the value of these Hero and Monster Collections grows even more, since with this newest update, each expansion in your collection also unlocks a brand-new side quest for your campaigns.

Each of these side quests may appear in any campaign, giving you opportunities for adventure apart from the main story, while giving you the means to earn some gold and XP on the side. Additionally, each of these side quests also showcases the monsters from the corresponding Hero and Monster Collection—you may battle your way past the defenses of Icespire to stop the escape of a demon lord, or you may find yourself fighting alongside deep elves to rescue their hellhound from waves of kobolds. No matter where your adventures take you, these new side quests give you nine new options to pursue in any campaign. 

Finally, two of these side quests also feature alternate maps! The Shadow of Nerekhall expansion unlocks a new map for the Tooth and Blade side quest from Bonds of the Wild, while the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion opens a new map for the Choose Your Poison adventure from Stewards of the Secret. Although you don’t need anything more than the Core Set and the featured Hero and Monster Collection to play these quests, the option to unlock alternate maps only makes these new side quests more different and dangerous than ever.

On the Road to Legend

Your adventures have already taken you into the realm of Terrinoth—and now you’re about to go even further into the wild. Look for the newest update to Road to Legend with nine new side quests, and fill out your assortment of Hero and Monster Collections at your local retailer today!

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